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Killer Bunnies: Quest – Orange Booster - Board Game Box Shot

Killer Bunnies: Quest – Orange Booster

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killer bunnies

Killer Bunnies are back yet again featuring even zanier Specialty bunnies and introducing the Pawns (which will reveal the secrets of the P-Cards)! The Orange Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set, plus six multi-colored Pawns.

Other fantastic cards include: Weil’s Pawn Shop to give players a chance to buy back bunnies from a third Killer Bunnies market, Double Free Agents to make Bunny Triplets even easier, Selective Disclosure to reveal your opponents’ cards before they’re played, and Uriel’s Machine to counteract any undesired Very Special card!

Can you reap the benefits of a Super Supplies Surprise? Aggravate your opponents with a forced “Do-Over” turn with Bunny On The Edge Of Forever! The Orange Booster Deck delivers increasing scopes of strategy and more twisted ways to win!

Killer Bunnies Orange cards
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“Orange you glad this expansion came along?”

After reviewing KB Quest recently for the site – I realized that the full potential of the Killer Bunnies game isn’t really realized until you add in many of the expansions.

Noticing that some (but not all) of the expansions are presented here, I would like to offer information and review each specific expansion, their components and their affect on adding them to the Blue/Yellow Starter Set – and in chronological order of release.

In this review I will cover KB ORANGE – the third expansion set to KB Quest.

So if you don’t know how to play Killer Bunnies, I wont explain it now. If you are interested please read more on its page on this website.

What’s New?
Great new cards and options and a new mechanic are introduced for your crazy Killer Bunnies games in the Orange expansion:

– 4 additional Specialty Bunnies that help you to get a Bunny Triplet,
– New weapons from a Level 13 “Boomerang” to Level 20 “Plutonium Radiation.”
– New Special and Very special cards like “Uriels Machine” and “Mothership.”
– The new Random Dolla – it’s worth the roll of a d20!
– And the introduction of Pawns and Weil’s Pawn Shop along with “P-cards” that can be activated by the Pawns.

The game also comes with a clear 6 colored pawns (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue and Red) that are used with the new Pawn Shop mechanic.

Gameplay Effects: (New and Effective)
Some great new additions to the KB Quest game with this Orange Expansion. Here are the highlights…

Introducing Weil’s Pawn Shop. It’s a starter card that allows payers to use Dollas to purchase Pawns, and equally cool: Bunnies that are in the discard pile.
The usefulness of this card is obvious when it comes to the Bunnies. Since aggressive Run cards can’t be played unless you have a Bunny in the Bunny circle, now you can buy one (for 10 Dollas). This effectively can save your Bunny butt because often time the best cards for grabbing Carrots (your ultimate goal) can only be played if you have a Bunny. Now you can go get one.

The 6 colored Pawns are a new component and have 3 major uses for payers in the game:

– First, they can allow a player with a pawn of a specific color to re-roll a die of the same color during an action. If you are attacked by a card that uses a blue die and you have the blue pawn, you can re-roll that die!

– Second, a Pawn of a color acts as a Bunny for the purposes of creating a Bunny Triplet (which of course allows you to play twice in a turn.)

– Third, Pawns allow you to play “P-Cards” twice before discarding them. There are 6 P-cards in this set (and more in future sets). Once a P-card is played, a player places the matching colored Pawn on that card to show it can be played again. The P-card can be played immediately or saved to be played on a later turn.

The Pawns create a whole new focus for players and even add (dare I say it?) a bit of strategy. Since the Pawns have multiple uses, and can be saved, your gameplay becomes a little more calculated.

There are some strong Run, Special and Very Special card in this expansion as well. “Pilfer the Pawn” allows you to roll all the die and steal the pawn matching the highest number rolled. Ureil’s Machine allows a player to counteract any Very Special card. And my favorite (with a Trek reference) Bunny on the Edge of Forever – that forces a player to replay their turn. (They put all their cards back to the way they were and actually replay – with possibly different results)

Finally the weapons in this expansion are nothing to wiggle your nose at (get it?) They starts at Level 13 and go up to … Level 20 – in this case players use the clear d20 (from KB Violet). These weapons also have some crazy effects: Like the Boomerang that bounces back and forth between bunnies until one dies.

Value: (Sweet!)
Yup…buy it. Still ten bucks. The Orange expansion add so much more fun and even a bit of strategic planning to the game, that you wont play without it again.

Overall Review: (Must have!)
You know you get to that point when a game, even with expansion starts to get to be… well… stale. Orange – like its color – was a breath of fresh air… like orange juice or sunshine or… ok, you get the idea.

KB Orange adds a lot of great gameplay options to the game – it could have been priced higher. The expansion also sets the stage for more cards that utilize pawns in expansion down the road. Orange has a greater play value than its two previous expansion combined. If you do the Killer Bunnies…do Orange.

Coming up next… KB Green…


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