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“How to really cripple your opponents.”

In this game, you can only take Locations and Artifacts with Personalities. So, the strategy I take every time is to simply collect personalities constantly. My them your priority always. This will set you up for victory in multiple ways:

1. You will generally always have a personality to play, which is important because you cannot take anything in any district without them. They are the most important cards in the deck.

2. Denying your opponents Personalities ensures that you will always have something to play and they may not. You want to try to not only put yourself in a position to always have a move but to try and limit your opponents options, focusing on Personalities allows you to do that.

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“A teired approach”

I find everyone I play in Arcana right out of the gate blitz’s for personalities. I prefer a more systematic method.

1. Start with relics, they are cheap and rarely will you have competition for them. Also they com in handy for the next step. After you’ve gotten 4ish move to step two.

2. Personalities. Yeah, everyone else will be fighting for these, but you’ve set yourself up with a bit of an advantage in step one. Just start bribing them out from under your opponents.

3. After you’ve built your deck up a bit start hitting locations as they come up. Your opponents may have more personalities than you, but bribing could have let you get some high stakes personalities with out the need to have a bunch of middleweights.

This isn’t a guaranteed strategy, I’m mean there is still a lot of luck involved. Using it as a loose frame work though let’s me win more often than not.

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“Shorter Game”

My wife and I played the stripped down initial rules for the game last night and still played for about two hours! Was hoping for a quick game and wound up going to bed at 1:30am….

For a quick game we are going to try just having 6 cards in each district, and placing the game ending card on the bottom of the neutral district.

happy gaming!

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“Alternate Event Rule”

Instead of playing events as you would in the rulebook, randomly instead place one in each district pile as you would the Ducal Jubilee card. Then randomly assign the piles to districts(including the neutral district so you don’t know where Ducal Jubilee is). Whenever an event is revealed, immediately flip the next card in that district and that event takes place in the next round.

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