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Mythos Tales - Board Game Box Shot

Mythos Tales


Mythos Tales is a game of macabre detection and Lovecraftian horror for 1 - 8 players by Hal Eccles and Will Kenyon. In Mythos Tales, players take on the role of private investigators in Lovecraft’s Arkham, tasked with solving a series horrifying mysteries. As detectives, players may either play competitively, or players may play cooperatively against Miskatonic's erudite librarian, Dr. Henry Armitage, pitting wits against a master detective! Each investigation takes between 60-120 minutes to complete, and the game will include 8 investigations.

Players will be tasked with solving 8 distinct Investigations, which will be progressively more difficult.

•Investigation 1 - A Grain of Evil
•Investigation 2 - The King Cometh
•Investigation 3 - The Serpent's Vengeance
•Investigation 4 - The Slumbering Solace
•Investigation 5 - The Vanished Girl
•Investigation 6 - The Liber Mortis
•Investigation 7 - The Faceless Expedition
•Investigation 8 - A Stalker in the Shadows

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