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Overall the components are good, you get 36 thick cardboard tiles, each tile has road connections printed on each edge, with pictures of children wearing the players colors on the roads. There are also 32 wooden people, eight in each color (red, blue, green, yellow). The only problem i noticed with the people is some of the feet were chipped so they would not stand up, not a problem really.

You start with 8 wooden people and your goal is to place them all on completed roads, the first to do this is the winner. Each turn the current player draws a random tile and connects it to an existing road thats on the table, if this completes a road (closing it from end to end) all players that have a child of their playing color on the road can put their wooden pieces on the board.

Each turn is quick enough that the youngest kids don’t loose interest while waiting for their turn, the only choice you can make in the game is where and what orientation you place your road tile.

The game is great for the 3-5 year old audience, its a easy game that plays fast.

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