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Acquire is a game designed by prolific American game designer, Sid Sackson, in 1964. It has seen many reprints, of varying quality, which is why I gave the components 3/5 stars.

As a 50 year old game, Acquire has held up remarkably well. The mechanics and game play are still solid, and Acquire easily should see play alongside modern board games. It is a ‘classic’ in every sense of the word.

Acquire doesn’t suffer as much from higher player counts like some games, but I do feel that four players is this games perfect compliment. However, do not be afraid to play with 3 or 5. The tile draw is this games biggest mechanic, and can be very swingy. In one game, you can feel like you have absolutely no control over the board state, and all of your plays and stock purchases can feel reactionary. In the next game, you can have complete control over the board state, and can decide on your terms when hotel mergers take place. Usually, it will be somewhere in the middle. But that’s what I like about Acquire. The ebb and flow of board control, and trying to puzzle out the best answers to each situation as the game plays to conclusion.

One very important rule of thumb: be very careful to not run out of cash. You are only able to sell stocks when a merger occurs, so sometimes you you can find yourself in situations where you are cash poor and have no options on your turn. While stocks are a means to acquiring cash, it is very important to try to not run out of liquid assets.

As I mentioned, Acquire is a true classic. It is one of those games most people should play at least once (if not more), if nothing more than to experience the depth and complexity in game play, with the elegant and simplistic rule set.

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