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“Watch what you buy!!!”

When we first started playing, be wanted to buy everything that looked cool, (And there is a lot). The best thing to do however is look at what types of monsters are in the dungeon hall before the game begins, and only buy things that are going to help you defeat them. No point in buying a bunch of items with magic attack if there is a monster in the dungeon hall that hurts magic users. Look at what cards are available for purchase, and then stick to a strategy, ensure it is a flexible one as your opponent might get hip to what you are doing. Cards like the trainer, and the pawnbroker are amazing assets that can really help get rid of those annoying militia, daggers and iron rations. (Don’t remember which set they are in exactly) If you can’t buy what you want, and you cant defeat a monster in the dungeon, REST!!!! Get rid of those cards that are clogging your hand.

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“The GenCon 2011 Ultimate Setup”

Designed by three of the worlds greatest Thunderstone Master Demoers. This setup was featured heavily during GenCon 2011. It was used in almost every ticked Thunderstone event, and was played repeatedly by AEG during downtime.
The GenCon 2011 Ultimate Setup offers many paths to victory, and replay-ability; as there are no dead cards in the village. There are many viable combinations that can lead you to victory… Which one will you chose?

Divine (Wrath of the Elements)
Flame (DragonSpire)
Toryn (Wrath of the Elements)
Woodfolk (Thornwood Siege)

Ambrosia (Wrath of the Elements)
Cursed Mace (Wrath of the Elements)
Drill Sergeant (Thornwood Siege)
Lantern (Thunderstone)
Polearm (Thunderstone)
Silver Storm (DragonSpire)
Toryn Gauntlets (DragonSpire)
Trader (DragonSpire)

Abyssal . Malformed (Thornwood Siege)
Golem (Wrath of the Elements)
Orc . Humanoid (DragonSpire)

Stone of Mastery (Thunderstone)
Dark Champion (Wrath of the Elements Promo)

House Rule: When the Thunderstone is revealed in the dungeon hall, immediately place the Dark Champion on top of it. Dark Champion gains health equal to the amount of Victory Points of the revealed Thunderstone. The Thunderstone can not be claimed, nor can the game end until the Dark Champion, Guardian of the Thunderstone, is destroyed.

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