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Nightfall: The Coldest War - Board Game Box Shot

Nightfall: The Coldest War

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Nightfall AEG

Nightfall: The Coldest War is a stand-alone expansion for Nightfall

Eastern Europe and the former Russian states are known as the birthplace of vampires, werewolves, and many fears that have been realized in Nightfall. Face those fears, and bring tactics used in generations past to fight the darkness.

Nightfall: The Coldest War is a stand-alone expansion to the competitive deck building game Nightfall. The Coldest War brings you a complete all-new set of cards with special powers, and features a full set of 6 exciting new starting minions! The Coldest War also introduces Moon Phase cards that change the game globally, and includes new fully illustrated Wounds cards.

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“In eastern Europe, creatures of the night are really into Combat”

The 3rd stand alone box of the Nightfall family delivers even more great gameplay, theme and more chaining madness to enjoy.

The Coldest War adds 24 new action card sets of new hunters, Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Ghouls from Eastern Europe and a whole new set of starter cards. Aside from the geographical area and tone of the cards, this set of cards are more focused on the combat phase. Many of the cards in-play and chain affects have something to do with the combat phase and there are even text abilities that allow you to play the card right out of your hand during the combat phase. This new tone adds a distinct new feel to the game, not just recycling abilities with new art. So fans of Nightfall will be happy to play this game stand-alone or mix the cards in to the other sets to afford much more flexible and unique deck combinations, further elevating the deck-builder to be more of construction style card game.

In fact, there are now new optional rules for a construction style format. Although this format isn’t traditional construction style, savy tinkerers will find ways within the constructs of the design to create a true construction or living card game.

In addition to the new cards and format, there are new wound cards abilities that allow you to improve your chaining abilities; “This card can be chained to and from any card.”
This allows players to set-up their chains much better and also allows some of the more difficult cards to set-up become more affective. Example; there are some action cards that have a powerful affect but their placement in the chain can nerf this. With these new chain “links”, those cards can be placed more effectively.

Probably the best addition to Nightfall are the moon phases. There are 6 cards of a new type called “Moon Phases” that act as global buff, de-buffs. Each player at the end of his turn has the ability to change the moon-phase for affects in later turns. This is fabulous new element both in a deck builder and a card game as not many card games have a communal element that players control and change during the game and this only adds to the dynamic and deep tactics of the game.

As a last tid-bit, I’ve come to really enjoy the small bits of fiction added into each of the box sets to the point that I crave more and it really adds to the gameplay as some of your drafting decisions become influenced by the fiction.

Nightfall continues to grow and grow well and this new box-set is a must have for Nightfall.


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