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52 out of 108 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a solid game. The largest rub I have with this title is that battles, with a bit of math, can be forecast pretty accurately.

Do the hidden order markers help mitigate this? Partially, but on any given turn for each player, there are clear “best option” moves. This is especially true once the first shot is fired and the blood starts flowing.

Do the house cards add a bit of the unknown to a battle? They do, mostly in the vein of an “after battle is resolved” venue. The swing any given card will give to a battle number wise is (if memory serves) 5. So the basic equation is your units vs my units + or minus potential support tokens + or – 5 will give you a pretty close estimate of best and worst case scenario you will be facing. Also, knowing which house cards each player has spent adds to the predictability of battle outcomes.

Again, good game, great components, fantastic flavor but for me the battle system is a bit too predictable.

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Dungeon Roll

51 out of 86 gamers thought this was helpful

Stacking this game against titles suck as Le Havre, Dominion or other community favorites really does this title a disservice. When compared to other games in its vein (zombie dice, cosmic wimp out, etc) this game really shines. All said and done this is a meatier version of a filler game. Those expecting more will be sorely disappointed.

This is a good game to potentially get people unaccustomed to “non traditional” board gaming in the door.

This is also a good title to play with younger children. My 11 year old son loves this game. It dethroned zombie dice as his favorite dice game.

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