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7 Wonders

33 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

11yr daughter can play the game but it was an epic fail with my 46 yr old wife. I was able to explain this game to my daughter and we had the best time playing this game. We thought that it would be great if mom could get in the action. We were both wrong. We both tried to explain the game and the cards and she just gave us the deer in headlight look. She just kept asking the same questions,”Why should I play this card over the other card?” She had the greatest difficulty picking which card she should pick. We did two rounds of age I and the phone range. She used that as her escape and I reset the game and my daughter and I played. My other problem is, why is it that I lose a majority of games against my daughter? Is she that good or is it that I am that bad????

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20 out of 42 gamers thought this was helpful

Played this last wkend with a twist. We used meplees to make you heroes that had special effects. Thief, wizard, knight, queen and dragon. They all start at one of your towns and you can only move one hero at the beginning of your turn at a time. Effects take place on the tile that has your town or opponents tile depending on the hero. The wizard will change any item produced by that tile into something else ie on wood tile can change it into what you need. The thief does the blind steal, opponent holds up his cards and you take one. The thief must make it to a settlement in order to steal. A knight a can stop a thief or stop the dragon from doing more damage.queen gives out rewards to her subject . She will give you what ever tile that you own that resource. The best is the dragon, active with a role of 7, burns all the cards that tile represents that are in your had. As long as the dragon is there you get no goods from that tile. If the dragon comes back 4 times to the same tile, that land is considered burnt and will never produce anything again. These rules made the game go faster and gave it more of an adventure feel .

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47 out of 93 gamers thought this was helpful

Great game. Love the feel of it being a card game and needing a team in order to take down the big boss. Just when you think that you might win. Think again! A flip of the cards and the chance of winning decrease really fast. The twins and I had fun playing Heroes and helping each other as a team in order to win the game. The expansions give you so much ability to play this game over and over. The interesting aspect of the game is that the larger your group the better are the chance that your team will win .

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36 out of 48 gamers thought this was helpful

Love playing this game. Great cut throat game. Nothing like being thrown into the water by you kids. That way the sharks can eat you. thanks kids! Dad still loves you! The component of the game are great. It’s fun going around and setting up the tiles the way you want the island to look. We got a kick about the boats and women and children first. Kids laugh when the tipped over my boat or when I got left behind at the shore with no more boats on site.

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