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Parade - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2013
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Part of a series of deluxe classic card games, Parade transports you to wonderland, just in time for a grand event! All in costume, people walk in the streets. Try to keep everyone in the parade by not wearing the same costume as those already present. If you do, people will leave the parade with a negative attitude. Now why can’t we all just get along?

Parade cards
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“Follow up”

This game hit the table during a gathering I attended, and it hit the table time and time again.

The concept is easy enough to understand. There is a parade in Wonderland, and it is for us to make the best parade without anyone turning sour…. A fast paced, thought provoking card game!

OK, how do we do that? There are already six cards in line on the table, and each player sits with five cards in hand. Now you lay down the card that provides the best outcome for you at the back of the line. The deck consists of five colors, with numbers ranging 0 to 10. So starting with the six cards, if you then lay down a seventh, you need to check a few criterias; first you count off the number showing on the card you just put down, example; yellow card, number 3. You count off three cards from the your card. They are safe. Then you check the next few cards if they are yellow, has the number 3, or a lower number. If any cards match these criterias, you put them face up at the table in front of you. Sort the cards in their colors, and make sure all numbers are visible. Don`t fret, we all have to take in cards eventually… 🙂

The game is played untill either the deck is exhausted, or one player has five colors in front of him/her. Now we count minus points. Then all players, including the one ending the game, gets one more turn. That leaves you with four cards in hand. You keep two, discards the other two. Then at the same time, all players reveal their cards at the piles they already have in front of them. All cards count as minus the number that shows, apart from 0 which goes for 0, of course. However, if you have majority in number of cards in one color, you lay them face down in front of you. Now they count as -1 for each card. There is a kind tie break here. If two or more players have equal amount of cards in one color, they all get to flip their cards. The player that is the closest to 0 wins.

Even though this qualifies as a filler game, short, easy to learn, and all that, there is a lot of counting involved. You need to check your cards constantly to see how they fit into the ever changing parade. I found it quite fun that a filler game had a bit of depth to it.


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