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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Pay attention”

Sometimes taking in a big numbered card in one color will turn out to be a good idea, as you might get majority, or tie with another player, so -10 for a card can be turned to -1.

Always check how the others are at the color, and maybe even keep a card of the color in hand.

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“House rule for very young or very old players”

I play games with 3 type of groups. Serious gamers, senior citizens and grandchildren. For Senior citizens and grandchildren I find that sometimes altering the rules makes it more fun for them.

In this game we play that the card you are laying down must match the exact number of the cards you pick up. All cards matching the color are still picked up and laid face down in front of you. This variation seems to make it easier the first few times they play the game. We also count all cards in your hand for scoring at the end of the game not just two cards.

After we play several times I give them the option of playing with this rule or the actual rule where you pick up all cards that are the same number or lower.

All the above rules only apply to the cards that have a position in line equal to or lower than the number on the card you just played.

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“Chips and Immunity Tokens”

When I’m playing this I have a set of Plastic Yellow Poker Chips to indicate every 5 cards, so it’s easier to count at a glance. This is helpful, but it’s best to be sure to mark the chips as 5, 10 and 15 so that people don’t have to ask what they mean all the time. The downside is that you have to move the chips around quite often.

I also use an Immunity Token(mine is a Millennium Falcon that a friend gave me, I call it the Immunity Falcon) to count out the cards that are Safe. I have found this particularly helps while teaching the game, you can count the “Safe” cards and it’s clear to all players that anything past that token is going to be taken, so if one is missed it can be pointed out more easily.

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