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Gold Mine - Board Game Box Shot

Gold Mine

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Gold Mine miners

Strike it rich with this exciting mining-themed board game!
Gold Mine is a unique tile-laying game in which players build a maze of mine tunnels and control miners that traverse the mine collecting gold nuggets. Players race to be the first to collect enough gold to exit the mine and stake a claim. It may sound easy, but the greedy miners have several tricks up their sleeves in order to gain an advantage—including sneaking through secret passages, fighting for gold, and scaring away other miners with bats.

With a different game board every time, a great balance of luck and strategy, and the addition of optional rules, this game is bound to be a family favorite for years to come!

Game Summary

  • Excavate a maze of mine tunnels by placing tiles that represent tunnels, caverns, and chambers filled with sparkling gold
  • Collect gold nuggets as you move through the tunnels and secret passages that exist in the mine
  • Attempt to stop other players through the strategic use of Gold Challenge and Bat Challenge tokens
  • Be the first to return to the mine entrance with enough gold and you win!
  • Gold Mine game in play
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