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105 out of 184 gamers thought this was helpful

We love this game. This is one of our “go to” games when we have a 1/2 hour & wish to play a game. We pick it up at Origins & have played it almost every week. It is simple to learn, but hard to win. I do like that you can mess with the other player by taking their mushrooms before they can or just worry about yourself & getting the higher score. It is not my normal type of game (eruo), but I enjoy playing it alot.

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Smash Up

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I love this game. I had the pleasure of playing many times over GenCon & cann’t wait to play it again. It is simple, but so easy to lose to your friends. You pick 2 factions to “smash up” into one deck that you shuffle together. My favorite is the pirate & tricksters, but most people like the ninja or zombies with any of the rest. All the factions play well together – could not “break” the game. I was lucky to get a copy since it soldout (500 copies) by Friday afternoon.

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