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9 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

I played a Demo at Gencon and really enjoyed the game. It is almost a combination of the old Car Wars Card Game and War. The game is relatively fast and plays well with 4 players. There were a few odd rules, but the person running the demo was running 3 different groups at the same time, so I am sure we got a few things wrong and I would love to try it again.

Players play cards from their hand each round to add some items to their vehicles [Each card dictates what vehicle can have the item on it]. These cards can boost your ability to draw more cards, get freebies at the end of each round and also to battle the other players for teh choice selections from the Heap!

I can see this game may get redundant after several plays, but I can not imagine it ever losing its appeal altogether.

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Smash Up

48 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

I played Smash Up at AEG’s Friday night board game Extravaganza that they do at Gencon every year [ok so for 2 now, but still…]. I had a blast and got a copy right away [So I ended up with 2, it will make a great gift].

The game is sort of like deck builders, except that players get 2 half decks [each faction has a different play style], there are 8 factions in this core set, and you shuffle them together. This makes for some very odd sounding combos that can make for some fun times. I have played Robot Wizards, Trixter Pirates and Zombie Wizards. The game comes with 28 possible combos and AEG informed me there will be an expansion with 4 more decks, which expands that to [if my math is correct] 65 different combos…

The game plays fast and the only complaint I have about the whole game is that it should have come with some way to track points other than a pen and paper.

This is a good game for families, casual gamers and avid gamers like myself.

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79 out of 138 gamers thought this was helpful

At Gencon 2012 I got to play Thunderstone Advance. I had played the older version of Thunderstone and had always had fun with it, but it had never become a favorite. This revamped version of the game has made me look at it all over again. The mechanics have been cleaned up and the system plays much faster and smoother than before. I even went so far as to buy a copy for me to teach my friends. Thank goodness for the new plastic EX chits. The old card system kind of sucked..

Great revamp and a must play again.

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23 out of 69 gamers thought this was helpful

Just do not like this game. Have tried it several times and just wish there was more too it!

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Dust Tactics

49 out of 67 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is a great lead in to the new Dust Warfare. It has amazing components and some of the best value around. Nothing less than what I would expect from FFG and the miniatures are usable in both this and Warfare…

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