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Heroes of Metro City

23 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

The Bottom Line Up Front:

-While some of its design may be counter intuitive initially, Heroes of Metro City is a fantastic and fresh deckbuilder dripping with superhero theme. A must play for gamers excited to create personalized heroes and who like a challenge that demands smart tactics from the first draw.

What the game is about?

-Heroes of Metro City is a cooperative/semi-competitive Thunderstone style deck builder. As players are victorious against lower level foes, they will develop their own personalized backgrounds and powers by choosing from an array of randomly drawn options. However, time is not on the player’s side. While heroes scrap with underlings and develop their abilities in battle, more powerful villains cause unrelenting havoc tearing the city down around them. Will the heroes become the paragons and legends they will need to be in order to defeat the archvillain in time? That is the story that unfolds with each draw and play.

What makes the game fun?

-The top selling points for the game are its novel slotted energy and power system, adept use of theme, and focus on letting players create a unique and personalized hero. The number of villain and power combinations provides a high level of replayability and I found that each game proved to be a distinct challenge to overcome.

-The components are exceptional for a freshmen studio effort, and while they aren’t Fantasy Flight quality pieces and parts (few are), they are not far behind. The fantastic art is also worth noting. The original comic artwork is plentiful and professionally done. While a number of artistic styles are used, some which may appeal to you more than others, a consistent level of high quality is maintained throughout.

What are the games challenges?

-While I described the game as a Thunderstone style deck builder, it is that similarity that can cause frustration. While the game appears to build on the design of other games, its mechanics differ in ways that if not immediately grasped can lead to a less than fulfilling experience. Tried and true deck building strategies do not always apply.

-Elements of the design, while elegant and effective in practice, can be counter-intuitive. Sometimes you don’t want the city defense to succeed, a heroic sacrifice is often a very desirable thing to do, at times you will deny yourself the spoils of defeating bad guys in order to keep your deck lean. All of these elements work very well in the game, however, they also present a potential barrier to entry for deck building veterans.

Final Impressions:

-I’m a big fan of HoMC! It frequently comes to the table, though that was not always the case. I’m very happy I gave the game a second look, and did so from a fresh perspective. Once I had a feel for the game the fun of creating my own heroes, discovering combos and racing against the challenging villains (and sometimes more difficult drafts) has led to many a great evening. I own and consider the other ‘big three’ hero games on the market some of my favorite games, and strongly feel that HoMC fills a unique niche among them. I highly recommend comic fans, deck building gamers, and comic art aficionados give Heroes of Metro City a try.

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