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28 out of 57 gamers thought this was helpful

I was confused by this Explodable this time because it looked like the same game. I know Adventureland is on many games at the store because I guess it makes people buy it. I did play Adventureland for a Muchkin but when I read what they were talking about this was not that. I know there are more packages for this than is on the list so people will buy it who like Adventureland. I can understand because if Drizzt was on a Love Letter I would put it in my pocket.

Reading this game it is something I played. It is like Magic Cards but something easier. Everyone has the decks for the Adventureland people on the list. The story above tells you how to play which is fine. Magoc Cards os very hard and this is easier but it is not too easy to play and you will lose if you play against someone who is a better player. This is why I only played it once and did not try cards for another person on the list.

At the store they have a game with the Adventureland vampire girl who I like for this. But I will not play it against someone who is better even if I like the girl.

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33 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

Ithink I may have played this game before but I don’t remember. I did play a game of stacking cards in a pyramid and each card has special powers when in the stack. I just did not know the name because Viceroy doesn;t mean anything. They should cal it Victory because you are bulding a victory pyramid. It was good and there were many cards. I got some points for the Drizzt explore so I figured I would help make this work


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6 out of 30 gamers thought this was helpful

I am reading about this game from here, the more I do not understand it. You investigate about monsters but without spells, or weapons, or power. You are just people. I do not read books of P.H. Lorecraft but the are about cults and weird gods who destroy everything. You have some guns and money and books that make you go insane if you make spells, how do you defeat a god monster with a machine gun!!! Even Drizzt would not do that! Haha!

This seems like a game no obe can win so why do you play?

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Student Bodies

10 out of 34 gamers thought this was helpful

Zombiees are all over the place every day! RUN! Here come zombies! When I go to the store with games I see the zombies on the shelf and point and tell my friend to run because the zombies are there! rUN! Haha!

Thwre are many zombie games. Looking at the pictures of this game I like to look because it looks like Scobby Doo! RU N! Scoby the zombies get your brains.

this game makes me want to eat a Scoooby Food Snack!

How can I get the game? I not seen it in the store where there are other zombies. Maybe I run away too fast and not look! Ha! I will look this box next time

I think this looks good !

Brain time

Go to the Agents of SMERSH page

Agents of SMERSH

15 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

Maybe I should make the title of this ‘You Spy’ because in this game you play the spy! I played this game with my friend once and it was fun.

In this game – you are a spy and the other players are spies. You have to stop the Villain team before they become too strong. The villain is Dr. Bolo and he sends his helpers around the world to do things. You go around the world to do things to try and stop them. How to do this? Read a book!

When you go to a place you read a story from a book and figure out to do things to get rewards or help. If you go to a city you might read about fighting someone or stealing plans or there is a car. Oh no! I am the computer spy! I cannot fight the bad guy. But if I go to the city again it might be a story about computers so I am ok. The stories are cool but random because you might not be the spy to win the story and then the evil get points.

What points is this game? Zero-zero-SEVEN!

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Cinque Terre

9 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

When I see this in the message for the week Adventure Explore I said this is the game about wizards and trolls making land. The one that isn’t Small World. I was excited because this game was interesting. I look and see this is a game about buying cabbages. WHAT? Who changed it???

Where are the wizard? Then I looked and realized that the game is Terre Mystique! I was fooled by these people! I am glad I was just reading for the adventure and not buying this in a store! I would have thought it was for magic but instead it would be vegetables.

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Forbidden Stars

8 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a game with dark stars and I give it no stars. I do no think it is a game I want to play.

I looked at in in a store and it looked big. There were other Flight of Fantasy games there and they all were big. Why so many big games and all big games! I do not need so many things even if they look nice. I like Warhammer to read but every time in a game it is so complicated.

I like to read about Drizzt and I like to read about Warhammer in space and in fantasy because everyone is Drizzt. Haha! I will keep reading the books and say no to this too big game.

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Blood Rage

9 out of 39 gamers thought this was helpful

My friend has this game and it is very good the people on the Dice castle said that it is a very good thing and I really wanted to play the game. This game was on the Kickstar and my friend only has it from a store so we tried to figure out what the Kickstar was and we didnot have all the things. It is a nice game but how can it be a good game if only on Kickstar you play with all the things and that gives me the RAGE!

Go to the Bottom of the 9th page
24 out of 48 gamers thought this was helpful

Who is on first? Bottom of the Ninth.

But it isn’t number one. It should be a small easy game but the rules seem quite complicated about the pitcher moving the thing and the batter trying to guess what the ball is by guessing with the two disks. All the cards have special powers to remember so don’t be sleepy.

The pieces are wood except for the cards and that is nice and the cards look like baseball cards and the one thing looks like a piece of gum.

Don’t eat that it will taste like cardboard.

Go to the Black Fleet page

Black Fleet

13 out of 39 gamers thought this was helpful

My friend said we were going to play a pirate game and I was excited. He told me the name and it was this but I thought he meant Dark Sea which is a game with laying down tiles and this was a game of delivering items to get gold. It was good and it was fun – but why do all pirate games sound alike?

I think I would like to play Merchant and Maneuvers next – how is that? I seems like a good pirate game.

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15 out of 40 gamers thought this was helpful

Some people like this game the best from the Dungeins and Dragions boardgame sets. I don’t. I think they like it because of the big dragon miniature. The other games are better than just having a giant plastic dragon. The one with Drizzt is the best because you get to use his cards. You can mix and match the games so using his cards is better than a big dragion. The games are in this order of best:

1)Legend of Drizzt!
2)Castle Raven Loft
3) This one

Go to the Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game page
46 out of 116 gamers thought this was helpful

This is game is Dungeons and Dragons rules in board game form. This is my favorite of the Dungeons and Dragons Map Board Trilogy in one word: DRIZZT
This is the best one and tehn Castle Ravenloft and then the one with the dragon is last.

Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt!
Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! Drizzt! ! Drizzt!

Go to the Among the Stars page

Among the Stars

68 out of 93 gamers thought this was helpful

I have been wanting this game for a long time. I finally bought it. I was out with my friend and said ‘I’m going to buy this!’ and I did. It was bought after standing in line to buy it. I am glad I did.
I opened the box. CARDS! Big stacks of cards. There are so many cards and you feel like you are building a big space station with cards. The game was slow at first, but then the cards really began to be played! There are aliens you choose to be which let you play differently. The cards and alien people let you build a different card station every time!

Should you buy this! YES!
If you like Seven Wonders this is that game in space!!!!11

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