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64 out of 74 gamers thought this was helpful

No two ways about it. This is the most popular CCG in existence. And for good reason. If you have never played Magic odds are you have at least heard of it. It gets pricey, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. With years of cards and multiple formats to play this game will stay fresh and exciting for probably as long as gaming is around. It isn’t the easiest game to get the hang of but don’t let that detour you. Once you catch on you will be amazed at just how much you can do and how cleaver you really are. This is a great game for all types of players. It is a great social game and an amazing brain workout. If you have never played Magic before, I cannot recommend enough picking up a deck at your local store and just diving in.

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62 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

I was weary of this game at first. I had been burned by the already established IP games of Marvel and DC. I thought to myself, how is this game going to possibly be any better than the game of heroes I know and love. I’ll tell you how. It’s through and through a Co Op game. The choices your team makes matter. You have to talk and plan each turn to deal with certain obstacles each villain throws at you and to navigate the environment. Not just going through the motions. It’s simple yet thoroughly rewarding any time you defeat a villain. It’s brilliant for any type of gamer. If you have just a small group of friends wanting to pass some time, If you are a hard working parent wanting to spend some time with your family at the end of a day, Or you have a dedicated group who meets weekly to play games and have a great time. I cannot not NOT recommend this game enough. Simple mechanics, great replayablity, and tons of fun, easy to pick up and impossible to put down.

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Zombies!!! (2ed)

54 out of 67 gamers thought this was helpful

I want to really like this… I do.. because.. you know… Zombies.
Every time I play it I leave the table with a serious case of the Meh.
It’s slow. It’s cumbersome, and you never really feel like you are making headway. When someone does win you aren’t even mad it wasn’t you. Because you get to leave. This is not so much a game about surviving and evacuating a city full of undead hoards. It’s more a game of surviving and evacuating this game table.

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53 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

I loved Talisman and I loved 40K.
I did not love this game.
Its a wonderful re-skin. It looks gorgeous. It’s the bits that were added that just seemed to confuse and bog the game. Cunning didn’t need to happen. nor did they really need to break things down to 3 decks.
And at its core It’s still wondering around the outer ring for an hour and a half praying for a little luck. Just less fun.
If you liked Talisman you will like this one too. Just a little less.
If you did not like talisman go ahead and pass up on this one.

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53 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

Never have I seen an expansion with such raw power before.
These guys get it done. Kittens are hard core board staters with abilities to knock out their own. mix with the OG Zombies and you have an absolute power house. The fairies are the second half of geeks and a god send answer for anyone who thinks it’s fun to play with steampunks or cyber apes. Princesses, dear lord. All one of 5 power minions and they don’t play fair with frying pans and true love’s kisses. And ponies. THE PONIES! Because we needed one more reason to play with our robots.
This expansion is a MUST have addition to your game. You wont regret the added power to any game of smash up.

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51 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

Needless to say when I had heard about this expansion I was a little past excited. My two favorite things ever coming together to make my friends lives that much more difficult.

Then came the madness cards. If it had been anything else FOR anything else I would have called it a gimmick. But cows of the holiest. It works so well with this expansion and even better with the full game. Once upon a time you could be the boss hog and break bases faster than your pals could keep up. Now you can be target punished for these things and bleed points. 15 points means nothing in the eyes of Cthulhu and 12 madness cards.

This was a blast of an expansion and the added deck and rules didn’t slow things down at all. It only added a new layer of tactical complexity to an already bang up game.
Don’t miss the chance to drive your friends insane.

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Castle Panic

67 out of 85 gamers thought this was helpful

I don’t know how to feel about this game.
I want to love it. But always leave the table loathing it.
You will notice the ease to learn at one whole star. It’s not hard to learn. but impossible to master.
The game is simple enough. Defend your walls. and the player with the most kills at the end is the winner. If you ever get to the end of that game. I have played and played and only ever got the the end twice. With 2 players it’s doable. with 4 it’s madness. You’ll never have the cards you need when you need them and you will squander your game savers due to panic.
But I cant stop playing. I break this one out at lease once a week. Just so me and my roommates can have a good cry together about how close we came this time around.
Totes worth the time and the money. Buy this game. Hate existence with me.

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80 out of 98 gamers thought this was helpful

This game. I LOVE this game. It’s a perfect mixture of Magic’s pre constructed and constructed formats with the deep intellectual strategy of a good old fashioned game of chess.
You pick one of many factions to play as(all with their own unique field setup) and you can even custom out the decks if you invest a little extra cash on your more favored factions.
Then you work your way across and around the board trying to be the first player to kill the other’s summoner.
There is a rich risk and reward system in playing your cards. For every card that goes into your discard pile is gone for good. so you have to really be picky about what gets used as a recourse and what hits the field.
Each faction is diversely unique from the rest. Each with their own look, feel and play style.
The over all rules are simple enough. If you know how to play M:tG and chess you pick up fast. For others there may be a learning curve. For both some times deciphering card text can be a hassle. But not enough to detour the thrill of the game.
With plenty of extra factions to pick up along the way you will never grow tired Summoner Wars.

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52 out of 60 gamers thought this was helpful

The game is pretty solid. A great little rpg for those nights your GM has fallen behind or just needs to take a night off. Worth every bit of the play through.
As for replayability I was left wanting. Once you have finished a base set and all of it’s added expansions there is no real reason to go back and play it again unless you just really needed to find out what playing as the rogue this time through is like. The game play doesn’t change and and all the locations and story it set.So this leaves you with the only option of re-upping into the next base set to really continue the enjoyment.
That aside, like i said it’s absolutely worth a play through. It has solid GM free story telling, great game mechanics, each mission even though plays out like the one before it feels special and unique in its own way and most importantly it’s enjoyable by everyone at the table. If by the end of it you are ready to move on to the next game, it has done it’s job.
Must have if you are a pen and paper table top fan. The rest may want to think about something else.

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67 out of 78 gamers thought this was helpful

When my friend first told me about this one, I wont lie, I thought it was the dumbest idea for a game ever. Him “you buy cards to build your deck” Me “Then what?” Him “Nothing”.
That was our conversation.

Since then I have wasted hours upon hours over the course of days and days playing this game. The strategy is genius, the game play is fluid and it never ever, no matter how many times you empty that last pile, get’s old.

The rules are simple. Buy cards to build your deck. Then, nothing. The only end game it to have more points in your deck at the end than the guys at the table with you. But the ways to go about that range in the near infinite.

The only complaints are the unusually small cards(it makes it a task to buy sleeves for them) are not as durable as I feel they should be for the type of game it is and that once you do get all of them sleeved, the box isn’t built to compensate for that space.

Absolute must own for anyone who enjoys a good time.

P.S. House rule. Ban the Witch, is you love happiness.

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Smash Up

51 out of 62 gamers thought this was helpful

I would pass this one ever so often. I put off buying this game for MONTHS. Then one day on a whim picked it up at a local hobby store. Man I regret missing out on those months I could have been playing this. Kind of like a deck builder but without all the setup and add a gratuitous amount of chaos. Infinite amount of replayability with even more replayability past infinite with all of the even more amazing expansions, beyond simple rules, literally just do what the card tells you, it practically plays itself, fast stupid mind raging game play. Are you going to get that base? You are going to get that base. You got that base. SHINOBI! You didn’t get that base. WHHAAATTTT!!!!!!
On a very real note. The game is great. It offers so many ways to play without ever feeling old or repetitive. And for as simple as it plays out, offers a great deal of on the fly strategy.
Must own for every type of table gamer. It will never let you down.

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