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Players are members of the Baker Street Irregulars, assisting Sherlock Holmes in cases. You follow leads, study clues, and try to answer a series of questions at the end of each case. The goal is to try and beat Sherlock’s scores for each case, which can prove to be very difficult.

You follow the story through the casebook. It will contain the leads that you follow. You also have newspapers to scour for clues. The map of London will show you all of the destinations and leads that you can follow. Have paper and something to write with handy to take notes on the different clues and leads as well.

On each player’s turn they can follow any lead he or she wishes. Leads are tied to addresses, which can be found in the casebook, in the London directory, in the newspapers, or on the map of London.

When the players think they know everything they need to know about the case, they turn to the back of the casebook and answer Sherlock Holmes’s questions. Points are scored based on correct answers and how many leads it took you to finish the case.

My group has played through the first two stand alone cases and we really enjoy the game. If it’s your first time playing it’s recommended to start with the 5th case to get a feel for how the game plays. The first four cases are part of a campaign.

For us, we found more enjoyment in the game when we weren’t focused on beating Sherlock. Beating Sherlock can be very difficult and may turn some away from enjoying the game. We just enjoy the experience of the mystery and trying to figure out the best clues and leads to follow.

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