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Talisman (4th Edition): The Woodland - Board Game Box Shot

Talisman (4th Edition): The Woodland

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For the first time in endless ages, the mystic Woodland has returned from beyond the mortal realm. Wealth and powers past comprehension can be found among the towering trees and along the twisting trails of the forest, but dangers skulk there as well. King Oberon and Queen Titania, ageless rulers of the fae, will not brook invasion of their realm lightly.

Into the Woodland

The Woodland introduces a new corner board to Talisman, inviting you to journey beneath the trees, encountering open glades and dense thickets, eerie witch trees and uncanny faerie villages. The groves and pathways of the Woodland are unlike anything you have ever encountered before. In fact, your characters will never encounter Adventure Cards while traveling in the Woodland, drawing Woodland Cards instead. Woodland Cards function the same as Adventure Cards, but instead portray the vast variety of creatures, monsters, and fae that you may meet on your travels.

The Woodland holds many strange Enemies within, including the Totem Bear. This monstrous bear is an Animal, but instead of fighting you in battle, you must engage it in psychic combat. Another Stranger your characters may encounter in the Woodland is the legendary Toad King. The King of all Toads possesses great power, and if you happen to have been transformed into a Toad, he will end the enchantment and grant you a raised Strength or Craft. If you are not a Toad, however, contact with the Toad King immediately turns you into a Toad!

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