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Risk your servants to secure the best treasure in this dice placement and set collection game.

Place your servant dice on treasure cards, choosing any value on each die. Choosing a higher value can ward off your opponents, but it also increases the odds that your servant will become exhausted. After everyone has placed their servant dice, everyone rolls. If you roll less than your chosen value, you lose the die.

Sets of treasure can be pawned off to collectors that offer bonus coins and special abilities. The player with the most valuable collection wins!

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“Didn`t get enough inheritance?”

Crypt is a dice game where you compete to bring back some good treasures from your father`s tomb.

Yeah, your father is dead…such a shame. Now set your servants to work.

Each player has three dice which represents servants. They are sent into the crypt to bring back treasures, represented with cards. The cards have an image, a value and a color. These colors are also connected to collectors, that give you some extra bonuses. Instead of rolling the dice you set the value on your own. If you want two servants to work for one treasure, you set both dice to the same value; i.e. two 3s, which equals 6. When all dice are set, one player, holding the torch, gets to set any remaining dice if they want. That happens when dice are getting bumped off a card because someone else set a higher value to their dice on the same card.

What happens next? Going into a crypt is hard work for the lowly servants. Each player rolls their dice for each of the cards they obtain. If the value they set on the die/dice is higher than what is rolled, the servant is exhausted, and left in the box for later returns.

The game plays over several rounds, and the one with the highest score/best treasures win.

With this game you also have an opportunity to play solo, against your father`s ghost. Then you roll your father`s dice to see if he kicks out some of your dice, and you try to get a good score in the end by gathering the treasures and keeping your servants with you at the end of the game.

This is a quick, easy, little game, that can be played just about anywhere. It has a nice, new take on dice placement, as you don`t roll the dice to place them, rather to see if you get to keep them in play the next round. The fact that the game comes with an official solo version is an added plus for me these days, since I mostly play solo games. The artwork helps set the mood for the darkish theme, drawings are good. The dice are somewhat small, but they have a small box to fit into.


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