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| Published: 2013
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Can a Pope who shoots lightning (but can't see) defeat a chimp who throws grenades (but is handcuffed to a golf cart)? YOU DECIDE!

SUPERFIGHT is a new card game that is all about losing your friends over hilarious arguments over ridiculous fights. Check out the publisher overview video in the videos tab above that explains the concept.

The core deck has 500 cards. 160 characters (white cards), and 340 powers and weaknesses (black cards). These cards are used to create situations like this:

Superfight cards

As you can imagine, the resulting discussions are amazing. The core game is pretty neutral in terms of content, meaning most people will recognize most cards.

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“Nothing new to see here.”

Since Superfight! arrived, it has found its way to my table once in my friendly local game store, and several times on late nights. We’ve had some repeat players and some once-offs. What we have not had is anybody who has specifically requested it beyond their first play.

How does it look?: First off, I must note that I was a Kickstarter backer, so my components were from the initial print run. Having not seen further printings, my opinion on the quality of components may not be representative of consumer copies. This was most evident in the box the game came in – almost entirely unmarked, with no mention of what the game inside was. The boxes the expansions came in were flimsy and similarly Spartan in their decoration.

Superfight! has a very minimalist design a la Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Each card has the game’s logo and a bit of text. I found that some of my cards were a shade away from the others of their color. This was honestly a non-issue given the casual nature of the game, but it did not look great.

How does it play?: Anyone familiar with games in the Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity families will have no trouble picking up this one. There are a number of small variant play styles listed in the rules, but it generally comes down to the Judge player setting up a semi-or-fully random Bad Guy, then the other players creating semi-random Heroes. The players pitch how they think their screwball heroes could beat the Bad Guy, and the Judge picks a winner.

Depending on the group of players, turns can fly by or take a few minutes as friends describe epic showdowns between a cat-like radioactive Bill Nye and a flying shark handcuffed to a golf cart.

Overall Impression: While Superfight! is quick and easy, it really doesn’t bring anything new to the table. We have found that it starts off with a few laughs, but eventually drags on. This might be remedied by setting a victory point goal, but that won’t make repeat plays feel any more fresh.

While it feels good to have helped an independent publisher create his dream game, I would strongly steer party gamers towards Say Anything! and other games that allow players to create their own answers. The card-based party games following in Cards Against Humanity’s wake just feel tired.

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“Supplies you with ammunition for epic arguments”

Best played with groups, this game is all about choosing a hero and an attribute and then throwing an extra random attribute on there for good measure. From there you need to explain why your character would win in a battle over another character, and if you make it around the table you get a point. Hilarity almost always ensues, as the situations and reasoning for why a particular character would win tends to get very in depth and ridiculous. As an example, let’s say the character someone plays is Barney with acid blood…*flips new card* …and he has a hostage. Barney did pretty well until someone drew Darth Vader with the power to control his opponents right arm. Controlling his right arm Barney was forced to release the hostage and then Darth Vader merely force choked Barney rendering his acid blood harmless. The other players not participating make the deciding vote, so players can say whatever they like during the argument. But they want to make it compelling and realistic, so that the voters will side with them once the dust settles. Reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity, but a great deal more fun with more replayability imo.

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“Debate team + Comic Nerd = Awesome Card Game”

It’s a great game for those who like to do something without a lot of prep work and who like to think outside the box with a lot of things. House rules are great and encouraged, and there’s never a penalty for not knowing something since you can always pick another card. Pulling this out while waiting for dinner to cook (or let’s be honest – the pizza to show up) and arguing over whether Jason with Laser eyes and a unicycle for legs beats Doc Oc with chainsaw hands and an army of poodles is… I don’t know. It’s something else. It’s bizarre. But it’s something that you don’t really know you want to do until you’re in the middle of doing it and suddenly you really wish that he had the rocket skates because Jason can get away faster from the poodles than you thought.

There’s definitely an edge from people who were rules lawyers in their D&D groups, or actual lawyers in real life, or teachers probably. But you really do hone debate skills and learn how to think of things from other perspectives. We’ve gotten a couple expansions from nerd things and loot crate so adding things like locations (In a volcano! Falling through the void! Inside the Tarrasque! On the moon!) gives you more things to argue from since poodles need oxygen on the moon and laser eyes if you miss will definitely probably puncture the stomach of a Tarrasque and things like that. Fun game. Much discussion. So argument. Wow.

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“Very funny”

This is game is super easy to learn and great for debate class. It is also great to laugh over. It is just generally a great game. I think that it would be perfect for any class or home. I am confident that this game will be perfect for anyone. I could play this game over and over again. I wish there was an online version because it is so great. I am optimistic that everyone will enjoy this game. I am angry at how many people don’t know about this revolutionary game. I may sound like I’m laying it on thick, but it is just a great game. I would recommend playing it

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“The Geekiest Arguments Ever. ”

This game is hysterical. Better with more players but can be played with just 3 or 4 and so easy to learn! This is a good one for people who don’t necessarily want to get into complicated or long games and it is spot-on for a friendly bunch of geeks or a geeky family like ours.

Everyone gets dealt a hand and then constructs the best “fighter” they can make with a character card and an attribute card plus a random attribute from the deck. The random card can really add hilarity with things like “jellyfish for hands” or “afraid of water.” That second one really gimped my shark with a chainsaw, I lost the fight instantly. Reading the combinations can be fun but it’s the arguing about who would win in a fight that makes the game so entertaining. We played with our kids over xmas break and were all laughing nearly the whole time. Players face off against each other 2 at a time and lay out their arguments or justifications as to why their fighter would win and then everyone votes to decide the winner… who faces off against the next player and round and round it goes. If there is a tie or deadlock each player draws randomly from the deck in a “fight to the death.” I’m not sure the rules on this point are fleshed out enough so we kind of made up how to do it. Still, entertaining as*.

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“Easy fun for anyone!”

I very much enjoy Superfight! I got it on a whim after finding it on Amazon by a recommendation. I bought the game and most of the available expansion packs.

The game is a subjective game of pitting random enemies with random enhancements against your enemies with your chosen enhancements against each other to see who will win.

We like to use the game to argue loudly about why our enemy will win and why everyone else’s enemies are dumb and would die right away. Argue in a fun and happy manner of course 🙂

It’s an easy game to pick up and play, and easy game to modify to make a little more interesting, and the expansion packs can add some new situations to your game.

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“This game has no point”

This is the stupidest game i have ever seen.

There’s no strategy. The scoring is completely subjective. They say the fun is supposed to be in arguing with friends about the ridiculous imaginary fights. But there is a fine line between ridiculous and moronic. And this game crosses waaaaay over into the moronic territory. If your friends are 12 yrs old and think fart jokes are hilarious, then you should be fine. Everyone else should avoid this game.


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