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The Chameleon - Board Game Box Shot

The Chameleon

| Published: 2017

The Chameleon is a family-friendly, social bluffing game. It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and it’s absolutely packed with quick thinking and finger-pointing.

The aim of the game is simple. Find the guilty player with the Chameleon Card. If you are that player, the aim is even more simple – don’t get caught.

Each round, roll the dice and hand everyone a Code Card. Look up the dice numbers on your Code Card and it should guide you to the secret word on the Topic Card in the middle of the table. However, one player’s Code Card is blank. That player is the Chameleon… and has no idea what the secret word is.

After a minute of frantic thinking, every player shouts out a word related to the secret word to prove that they’re not the Chameleon. Next, each player must use their detective-skills to interrogate each other and vote for who they think the Chameleon might be. The player with the most votes must turn over their Code Card to reveal their identity. If it’s the wrong player, the Chameleon wins. If it’s the Chameleon, that player gets one guess at what the secret word was. If they get it right, they still win!

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