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Martian Dice

22 out of 32 gamers thought this was helpful

So after liking zombie dice, we tryed out Martian dice.

What do you get?
A short rulebook.
And some air (Martian dice air).
13 Dice a little to big for kids hand, but you can use the cup (if the cap doesn’t fall off, I glued mine on one side, it fall off again, so I glued it again, then one time it fall off again and I never glued it back again).

What is the goal?
The rules are very good explained in other reviews and on the short rulebook.
Get 25 points (or more if you like a longer game).
You keep track with pen and paper, counters from an other games (sometimes we use the alien ships from COSMIC ENCOUNTER)

Is it fun?
Yes it is fun, but not for all day, its a very light filler game that I have played with 2-6 players. All of them liked it even more than Zombie dice. Press your luck game.

If there was a fire, would you take this game with you?
No, I would take my baby first.

So Martian dice is better than Zombie dice but it is no Cosmic Encounter (CE is a totaly different game).

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