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“Mage exclusive spells should not be overlooked!”

When you have chosen a mage and are either using a pre-built spell list or working on your own customized spellbook make sure to carefully look at any spells that are exclusive to your mage.

In many cases the mage exclusive spells provide your mage with ways to pay less to cast spells, cast additional spells during a game round and gain more mana each round. Gaining more mana than your opponent each round is a HUGE advantage. Other exclusive spells can allow your mage to easily boost other creatures, cause your opponent to pay mana when they attack your mage, etc.

For example, when playing the Beastmaster, the Lair conjuration can be cast on a zone and becomes a new source of mana (gaining 2 mana each round). You also get to choose an animal creature spell in addition to the two spells you choose for your mage during the planning stage. That additional animal creature can be summoned at the Lair during deployment and doesn’t require the mage to take an action or quickcast action!

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“Wrinkled spellbooks? You can fix this!”

My first core set spellbooks were fine, my second coreset spellbooks however were wrinkled.
Its fixed now with the hair dryer of my wife. I did the two wrinkled spellbooks and while they were warm put them on top of each other put some weight on them and now their fine.

A repeated the process with Forcemaster vs Warlord.

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“Walkthrough/Learn to Play Videos”

The publisher has provided a few very helpful videos that make learning to play easy. They can be found at:

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