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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Table Talk”

When playing Suspicion Mode, we find that minimizing table talk makes the game even more interesting, by leaving players decide who is the guard based on their actions. This will probably change from one group to another but at least I recommend playing both ways and then deciding what the house rule is.

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“3x3x3 Cube”

Room 25 is a great game, there are enough tiles in the base game to give this version a try. It’s a little deeper.
Setup is like this.

1. Place the central room in the center of the table (X)


2. Keep Room 25 aside for now and Place 8 other tiles around the Central room face down (1)


Your Level 2 build is ready.

3. Now make to your left and right a cross of tiles face down (keep enough space)

_1_ 111 _1_
111 1×1 111
_1_ 111 _1_

The crosses are your level 1 and level 3.

4. Now Take the 7 remaining tiles + Room 25, shuffle them and place them face down (0) on the remaining places.

010 111 010
111 1×1 111
010 111 010

So thats the setup.

So the game plays the same, only now you can slide, move, look and push to an other Level.


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