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Forbidden Desert

62 out of 69 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s difficult to talk about Forbidden Desert and not talk about Forbidden Island. At the same time they are different games and both are excellent additions to any game collection as long as you enjoy co-op games.

Forbidden Desert is more difficult than Forbidden Island but still has the easy to learn but difficult to master appeal.

My favorite game play mechanic in Forbidden Desert is how the board is always changing. Tiles are moving around and collecting sand constantly. The changes on the board depict a ever changing landscape that is true to a sandstorm.

Having two clues to find where a piece of the flying machine is at on the board then having to collect that piece makes every game different and challenging.

Each player managing their water is a very big concern in this game and the way that my fellow adventures and I have lost the game the most.

The components in the game are really well done. The engine of the flying machine is a little metal piece that looks like an engine and the other flying machine parts are made of very sturdy plastic. The tiles are just as thick and durable as the Forbidden Island tiles. The Sand tiles are slightly thinner but that works well for stacking them.

My only very slight disappointment in the components is that the flying machine doesn’t fit back into the box if the propeller is attached to it. If you take the propeller off then the flying machine fits back into it’s place in the insert. This is very minor because there is another place in the insert that the propeller fits into.

Overall Forbidden Desert is a great addition to my game collection and something that my game group, Family, and Friends have all enjoyed playing.

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30 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a great 2 player game that’s easy to learn and quick to play. Even though the mechanics are easy the strategy of the game on what action to do when is what keeps me coming back to this little box of animals.

I’ve played this game with light board gamers and more hardcore board gamers and everyone that has played it has wanted to play again.

While the strategy is sophisticated there is a point over a few plays of the game where you start to realize when you need to utilize a particular action over another in the game.

The components of this game are excellent quality, the pieces are all quality wood pieces just as you would expect from a game with the name Agricola on it.

The game is easy to learn but takes several plays to master which I think is a good balance in a small two player games. After the strategies are mastered then the game does get more of a chess type of feel.

Overall I think Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a excellent game for 2 players. It makes a great filler for the epic game nights as well as a fun addition to the hum-drum relaxing at home nights.

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