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Zombie Dice

9 out of 16 gamers thought this was helpful

Zombie Dice is a great game for your money. I’ve spent many hours playing it at convention halls while waiting in line and in-between larger gaming components.

There is an expansion pack for the game that adds more options, as well as a new expansion n the way from SJ Games. My only complaint is the lack of score pad or brain counters in the original package.

You can buy a separate score pad that comes in a dice cup but it’s not worth the price. You’re better off keeping tally on a sheet of paper or stealing the tiny plastic brains from another game called “Mmm…Brains.”

Otherwise the game is fun and you can even play it for free on your smartphone if you download the app, which lets you pass-and-play or play against the computer.

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Munchkin Legends

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I’ve played, and love, every edition from the Munchkin franchise but Munchkin Legends” has to be the best.

Whether you’re an literature student, mythology buff or just a fan of smartly-crafted card games, Legends is the way to go.

Favorite cards include “Achilles’ heels (playable by only men), Really Long Bow, and Slender Man.

The only downside to the game is that it’s currently a Target exclusive and I’m a fan of supporting my local hobby shops.

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