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Adventure Time Card Wars: BMO vs Lady Rainicorn - Board Game Box Shot

Adventure Time Card Wars: BMO vs Lady Rainicorn

| Published: 2014
Expansion for Adventure Time Card Wars
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Now you can play the actual card wars game from the show!
Based on the original Adventure Time episode featuring “Card Wars,” where Jake begs Finn to play his favorite trading card game. Eventually, Finn and Jake battle against each other to decide who will be the Dweeb and who will be the Cool Guy.

BMO vs Lady Rainicorn Box

BMO’s Useless Swamp deck features Creatures from the episodes such as the triple-threat Immortal Maize Walker, the talkative Mouthball, the underpants-wearing Wandering Bald Man and many more.
Lady Rainicorn’s SandyLands deck features fun-tastic Creatures such as the coarse Sand Knights, the toothy Shark, the musical The Mariachi and many more!

Key Features

  • Based on the Card Wars game first introduced in the Adventure Time episode of the same name.
  • Includes code cards that unlock special surprises in the Card Wars digital iOS game.
  • Easy to learn rules! The four lanes focus the action for maximum interaction and fun.
  • All-new, original artwork features fan-favorite cards from the episodes, plus a host of new ones!

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14 of 15 gamers found this helpful
“Adventure Time Fun”

I just played this set for the first time with my 11 year old son. I’d say it’s as good as the Finn vs Jake set, much the same game with some new terrain and new cards to play.

The cards themselves are great, they are colorful and good quality. We had a little trouble separating some of the 1/3 cardboard counters from their frames, a couple of them tore a little but the rest of them were all properly cut. I don’t happen to like the way the box goes together; you load everything into an open top interior box and slide it into the outer box like a drawer. In my experience these types of boxes rarely last long and there is potential for the contents of the inner box to be bent or otherwise damaged.

Gameplay is basically lane combat. Each player has 4 land tiles on which to play creatures, buildings, spells and so forth. Each creature attacks the corresponding creature on the land tile across from it owned by the other player. If there is no creature in that lane, that is the corresponding land tile is vacant of any creature, then any damage done goes through to the player, each player having 25 health points to start with.

It’s a pretty fun little game, lively, quick-paced, potentially over and done in less than 20 minutes. I’m terrible at it, having played the Finn vs Jake version a couple of times I can say that with some authority. My 11 year old mopped the floor with me. That said, there is an element of luck in that you are drawing cards off the top of your deck so it is completely possible to get a string of cards that simply do nothing to help you and before you know it, you’re done. There is skill required to manage the cards you do get, to line up fights that you can win and so forth. My son, having won repeatedly, insists it is heavily reliant on skill.

I think the game has decent replay value as our game didn’t even result in using half of our respective decks and there is the possibility of switching things up and having a deck from this set face one from the previous set. I’ve heard there are further customization options but I am not sure what they are exactly, whether there will be booster packs available or if the suggestion is mixing the existing deck with each other. I’ll be interested to see. A decent little game for the price.

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Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
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“Easy, fun and quick to learn two player game.”

I keep looking for easy and fun two player game and this one is one of them.

I’ve read some reviews saying it helps a lot to be an Adventure Time fan to enjoy this game, it probably does, but I think it is really not necessary. For the first couple of game we didn’t enjoy it that much but after a while you get to know the cards, wich ones are strong, wich are better if used together, wich one you can throw away, etc.

After 5 games, we tought we figured that one of the deck was a lot stronger than the other one, so we were a little bit disapointed. We kept playing and it started to look like the other deck was stronger. It actually depends a lot on wich cards you get, because you never get to go throught your whole deck during a game. We usually make it about half way when the game ends. So if all of the strong cards are at the bottom of your deck, you might find your creatures, buildings and spell a little weak.

What is nice about that game is that the two decks have different strenghts and weaknesses and you need to adopt different “strategy” depending on wich deck you have.

I gave it a 6/10 by mistake, I just can’t figure out how to change it to 8/10.


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