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64 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

“CV” is a light dice-rolling card game of living a life from childhood to senility. Despite the title, abbreviation of “curriculum vitæ,” the game is not only about having a career and making your résumé look good, but about health, knowledge, relationships, and wealth as well.

The game mechanics revolves around marketplace of cards representing various life events or accomplishments like “Marriage,” “Apartment bought from friend,” or “Wikipedia author.” The cards get acquired through a “Yahtzee”-style dice throwing which is familiar for those who played “King of Tokyo” or “BANG! The Dice Game.” The bought card usually increases purchasing power or adds victory points, but sometimes itself becomes a liability requiring additional spending every turn.

Over the course of the game each player accumulates cards involuntarily telling a story, which could be a classic marriage-house-children-retirement novel or an adventurous freelance-travelling-friends-blogging one.

The game is very approachable with a light humour and amusing illustrations. If the play time was a bit shorter it would have been a perfect warm-up game for any board game evening.

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