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Regnum Angelica


Join in the valiant battle to end the ultimate stalemate of good vs. evil and etch the final outcome into history. Regnum Angelica is a 2 player strategic card/board game pitting Gabriel and his army of arch angels against Beelzebub and the dark forces of the fallen. Wield the three elements of fire, earth and water in angelic combat, use ancient angelic scripts to gain an advantage over your opponent or, deploy pillars to protect your troops in an attempt to infiltrate the enemies realm.

Regnum Angelica is played with each player having either the white deck to represent the Arch angels of Gabriel or, the black deck to represent Beelzebub and his army of Fallen angels. Each deck consists of three types of cards: Angels, which are your main combat units. Angelic Scripts, these scripts are written in the ancient celestial alphabet (Malachim) and grant the angels special abilities to assist them in infiltrating the enemy realm. Pillars, with these cards angels call up the elements of the earth, fire, or water to protect them from enemy attacks.

Regnum Angelica Cards

Each army has a power meter which is charged when either side’s angels visit earth. The power meter must be carefully managed if you hope to crush your opponent as your power meter determines your movement and your ability to execute the Malachim. If too many Angelic scripts are played then your mobility on the board suffers. On the other hand, if you use your power for movement then your ability to harness the powers of the angelic scripts wanes.

Mobility or Angelic Scripts? Have your angels protect your realm or, go on the full offensive to penetrate your enemies kingdom? Execute your scripts now, burn them for precious power or, save them to use with other scripts to pull off powerful combinations? Many of these tactical decisions await you as you control the most powerful beings in the universe of Regnum Angelica!

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