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I had not played Dice Masters as anything collectible had become a dirty word since I exited Magic years ago as I did not have the funds, time or patience to be a suitcase player. I saw Dice Masters demoed at a convention and I thought “Hmmm, that looks fun, but I dunno. Do I want to get hooked on something with booster packs again?”

The answer was a resounding “No” until the Dungeons and Dragons iteration arrived. I know Superhero themed collectible card/dice games and deck-bulding games are all the rage, however, I am a traditional fantasy guy. I know some think it is a tired theme, but I love spells and dragons, but mostly dwarves. I love the D&D classes still. So when this showed up, my answer changed to “Yes please”.

It is the same system, of course, as the other Dice Master entries so any review of the game mechanics is redundant and unnecessary. This version has spells and equipment. It also has Trolls and Carrion Crawlers and Gelatinous cubes and Paladins and yes DWARVES!!!

I am now the proud owner of the starter set and about 20 booster packs, which are ONE DOLLAR! That is probably what is best about Dice Masters. You can engage in the excitement of opening a pack and building your collection for so much less than I could in my days of Magic and the game mechanics have so much opportunity for so many different gameplay options.

If you were hesitant, but the D&D theme made you do a double take and reconsider, dive in like I did. You get all the Dwarves and Dragons plus a great game.

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