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Xenoshyft Onslaught - Board Game Box Shot

Xenoshyft Onslaught

, | Published: 2015
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XenoShyft is a game for 1-4 players, with each player controlling one of the Divisions of the NorTec Military: The Science Labs, Med Bay, Armory, Weapon’s Research, Barracks, and Command Center. Each of these divisions represents one part of the overall NorTec Base, and it is your job as commander of these Divisions to protect the base while its field operations are completed.

You and your teammates will have to work together to survive the continuous onslaught of powerful alien threats and horrors- the goal of the mission is not to wipe out these threats, it is merely to outlast them! Survive through nine rounds of combat with these horrors and the base will have succeeded in its mission, and you and your allies will have survived to fight another day!

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“Survive! Survive! Survive!”

That’s it….Survive!
This game is all about surviving! And it’s so fun!
Great components, excelent card quality and lots of replayability.

Xenoshyft is a game where players became part of an army of hi-tec soldiers that are responsible for the safety of the Xenoanthem Mining Mission.
Just like the movie “Starship Troopers”, there are a race of alien insects that decided not to let them mine anything. They are addicted to the Xenoanthem and it makes them very very angry and violent.

So each player are responsible for one division in this hi-tec army. You can be responsible for the Barracks, for the Science Lab, for the Armory, for The Medical Center, and so on.

All we have to do is to simply survive 9 rounds of these terrible beasts that keeps coming and coming, relentless.

On each turn, we have to buy troops and equipment, and also buy action cards that helps us survive each round if an emergency comes up.

The game is co-op and everyone can help everyone during the battle. You can buy your teammate a troop or an equipment if he was unable to buy.

The rules are pretty simple and for that we´re still managing to understand some rules. House rules are common. The company is making FAQs to minimize these effects.

The game is tough. And you’ll have to be very smart with yours decisions along with your teammates

I highly reccomend this game for those who enjoy play tough co-op games.


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