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Eclipse is a fantastic imagining of space empire building, with euro game sensibilities and components and strategic player interaction more common to Risk/Twilight Imperium and other “Ameritrash” games.

Eclipse plays out over 9 rounds and the box states that a game can be played to completion in approximately 30 Minutes per player. So far in three player games this has proven to be true and at the end of each game everyone has been clamoring to play another round.

Players have the choice of 6 unique alien empires, each with their own strengths and strategies, or one of 6 identical Terran Factions which offer a flexible and slightly more forgiving play experience while still offering a balanced option for experienced players.

While playing Eclipse you will find yourself choosing from a short list of available actions(which can be used multiple times during a round) to explore and colonize new systems, Build and upgrade ships and other structures, research technologies(from a common market) and move your ships around the galaxy to the detriment of your neighbors. The games I have played have maintained a brisk pace and even larger combats are resolved quickly. Another interesting facet to the player turn is keeping a close eye on your empire’s economy which can lead to situations where risk must be weighed. A miscalculation can mean having to sacrifice resources or even forfeiting systems to cover your costs.

The winner is determined by adding up victory points earned through expanding your empire, developing advanced technologies and participating (not just winning!) in combat. This provides players with multiple paths to victory and caters to a wide variety of play styles.

1) Luck and strategy are equally important.
2) The turn structure keeps the action moving.
3) All the trappings of an epic space empires game.
4) Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate at its finest!

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