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Mice and Mystics

84 out of 153 gamers thought this was helpful

After playing descent (1st and 2nd editions) – M&M drew my attention. However for a while I could not convince myself – how can I enjoy playing the game with mice miniatures. I was hesitating for quite a while, however in the end I decided to go for it.
Even when I had it in my hands – I was still wondering – why I took it 🙂 After first game play – all my doubts have been cleared.
Mechanic is easy to learn. Rules were already polished and clarified. Only thing I can say about the game is that:
It’s not an easy one 🙂 If you want to play “by the book” – as it goes – you might be surprised that it’s quite a challenge to get your mice from one end of the board to another.
Want to see more – meaning – expansions.

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Arkham Horror

36 out of 115 gamers thought this was helpful

One of my first cooperative games. Great quality – tons of cards. Not sure if I play it with 8 players – however with 3-4 I am willing to do so. Base game is rather easy – when you have at least 3 investigators. However when you put to play expansion(s) – then the game shows it real face and you start to have a feeling that the game is really against you. All of the sudden, monsters start to move towards you, clue tokens disappear just in front of you and the sealed location start to explode. Not an easy one then 🙂

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Alien Frontiers

70 out of 121 gamers thought this was helpful

After first review I saw, I liked the setting and the layout, however I did not expect it to be that tense. During the course of the game – where you try to get the best of your dice and your resources – you get first points, develop your colonies and your abilities – you discover that you do not really have a real leader. There is tiny difference between you and your opponents. However last 2-3 turns start to be strange 🙂 All of the sudden we spoke less, started to analyze more… and in the end we knew who wins. Then we started to negotiate 🙂 and nothing was obvious anymore. It was a game of thrones 🙂
I like it very much.
Initial quality of the game which is relatively low – can be improved by expansion packs that will give you plastic pieces in place of regular wooden tokens.
Looking forward to my KS expansion packs for fractions.

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62 out of 105 gamers thought this was helpful

Great quality production by DoW – FFG already started to save on the amount of plastic used. It’s a shame that FFG stopped this line.
Very entertaining game – sometimes too complex and some rules just put there to be there (making the game unnecessary complex), however still enjoyable. Considering that MM44 grew into breakthrough and overlord (and some paper maps) – BL had a lot of potential. Even Borg said that there are some expansions already designed and tested – but never released. Looking forward to it – one day.

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Memoir '44

59 out of 118 gamers thought this was helpful

Very nice and simple implementation of C&C and Borg system. Number of expansions is very impressive. Based on that you have covered vast of the theaters from WW2. STD board is very good as an introduction, however with time you will want more. There you have Overlord and Breakthrough. Both are very entertaining. The only thing which I think was not so clever – was to put breakthrough cards into expansion that become OOP (Winter wars).
The quality of last expansion (equipment pack) it not on a level of DoW production from the past. You can see that the real golden age of boardgames (quality that was affordable) – already passed.
The variety of possibilities that the game gives (STD map, BT, OL, Battlemaps, campaigns) guarantee that the time you are going to spend with the game is not “one time play”. If you like it – you have lots of the things to discover with the game. It’s also very easy to be introduced to the beginners.

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50 out of 125 gamers thought this was helpful

When I heard first time about Zcide – i thought it’s just a pack of figures (for miniatures painters) and the game is not even playable. First hype was not really something I was into. However after a while I decided to give it a shoot and it turned out to be quite entertaining. I did not expect that chasing zombies on the table will be that entertaining (ok, not chasing zombies, but to be chased by them). Number of initial scenarios is not astonishing – however there are already 20 of them published in the community. Very nice.
Having said that – I had to back season 2… looking forward to it.

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3 out of 9 gamers thought this was helpful

Idea is simple – you are nazgul (team of nazguls) playing competitive or cooperative version of the game. The goal is similar – outsmart your opponents – which would be also sometimes outsmarting your friends (in this case other nazguls).
What is interesting here – is battle system. You use cubes – like in euro games – that represent your armies. Depending on your level of advance – you pick so many cubes and put it to the cup – together with the “forces” of defender. Mix it and pull it out (in a number given also by your level of advance).
Quality of the components is OK – however I would like that the board is bit thicker. Cards are OK. Minis are hero-clix from Wizkins and they are good quality.
I would prefer to see main character – the main ugly, nasty and the worse nazgul – W.King – as a figure – not as a token. But it’s easy to upgrade.
Apart from that – gameplay is rather smooth. Deck of cards are not huge, so you need to pay attention and plan a bit upfront. Rules are clear and easy to learn.

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