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1989: Dawn of Freedom - Board Game Box Shot

1989: Dawn of Freedom

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1989 is an exciting, fast paced game simulating the end of the Cold War in 1989. During this amazing year, a series of democratic revolutions ended the 40 year Soviet empire in Eastern Europe. 1989 simulates the political, social and economic aspects of these revolutions using a card driven system similar to Twilight Struggle.

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“Great game but not so good as TS”

Make no mistake. The game is good and worth buying.
It works basically the same as his brother Twilight Struggle but has a different mechanical and it takes a little time to understand. This mechanic is just the center of the game because during this turbulent year in Eastern Europe a lot of politics was held in the lower classes. The players have to win support of the working classes, the students, the elite, and so on.

Another factor that can be bad for the game is that it was a year where the events are not as well known as those that occur in TS. With this in mind, theme, although extremely well placed, is somewhat weakened because we play without knowing what event was that and what was their importance in the period.
However it is a great opportunity to learn more about the political and social history of this period in Eastern Europe.
If you have the other games in collection: Twilight Struggle and Labiryth, you need to buy this too.
But if you are in doubt between buying this or one of the other two, I recommend you buy the Twilight Struggle.


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