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If you own Runewars, and enjoy it, then this is a must have. The expansion adds to all of the elements already existing in the game, such as: unit types (2 per race), an order card (Garrison mentioned below), heroes, quests, cities, map tiles, objectives, rewards, seasons, tactics, exploration tiles and a new title card. All of this with minimal to no additional learning of the game.

The new pieces it adds that do require some additional learning are not that difficult and can add plenty to the game…
For example, there is a new order card – Garrison…which allows a player to gain +2 bonus when defending that season, and for a supremacy of 0, recruit 2 triangle units. This is helpful if a highly contested area just lost some troops due to food levels the winter before. Another one is the new ability of having heroes become battlefield generals and gain cards to enhance their effect on combat. Some other additions include the desolation and cryomancy tokens which affect resources gained from a hex, development cards to give races special advantages, and tokens to help maintain control of territories while keeping you army at full strength.

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