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The Redhorn Gate Adventure Pack - Board Game Box Shot

The Redhorn Gate Adventure Pack

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"Tonight we shall be on our way high up toward the Redhorn Gate. We may well be seen by watchers on that narrow path, and waylaid by some evil."
–Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring

When some of Middle-earth’s greatest heroes volunteer to escort Arwen to Rivendell, their voyage through The Redhorn Gate becomes the start of an epic new journey that will take them through bone-chilling snowstorms and hordes of enemies, into the twists and turns of the entire Dwarrowdelf cycle.

LOTR LCG The Redhorn Gate expansion card samples

The Redhorn Gate offers players exciting new challenges as the heroes’ escort mission takes a startling turn into adventure in an all-new quest like none before it. Kicking off the Dwarrowdelf narrative arc, The Redhorn Gate introduces 60 new cards, including an all-new scenario, a new hero, and three copies of each new player card.

This is not a stand-alone deck. A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set and The Lord of the Rings: Khazad-dûm are required to play.

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“Cruel Caradhras - Not just the hobbits are being buried in the snow. ”

I found the Redhorn Gate to be one of the most difficult adventures for the Lord of the Rings Living Card game. But more on that in just a moment, let’s look at what cards you get with this expansion.

Important Cards you get (in my opinion):
The hero you get is Elrohir. He is a cheaper Aragorn, who can be also be readied by paying 1 resource from his pool. His stats are not as impressive as Aragorn but he is less threat which is very important on this quest. He has a +2 defense when Elladan is in play. Elladan, is NOT in this adventure pack, so his response is not valid for this scenario.

Bofur is a wonderful ally for a single spirit resource you can place Bofur into play from your hand exhausted and committed to a quest. Quest successfully and he returns to your hand. This also causes any “when an ally leaves” responses with cards you may have placed in play.

Timely Aid lets you reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and put one ally into play.

Unseen strike is a zero point card that provides a character with +3 attack when attaching an enemy with a higher engagement cost than your threat. (bring the troll to my pretty axe)

Needful to Know – A two point card that allows you to raise your threat by 1 to look at the top card of the encounter deck. Then reduce your threat by the threat of that card.

NEW for the Redhorn Gate:
Secrecy! On certain cards you will see a secrecy number. For example, Needful to Know shows a secrecy number of 2. What this means is if you can get your threat below 20 you can pay 2 less of the card. That would make Needful to know a zero point card. I find it VERY difficult to keep my threat below 20. So for me secrecy isn’t a large bonus. However if you are a player who can get their threat low you will love the secrecy number.

The difficulty rating for this adventure is a 7. I have successfully completed other quests with a higher rating. However I found this quest to be very difficult. Questing is super important for this adventure. You must be able to quest quickly or the amount of threat in the staging area will overwhelm you. You must also keep your threat low, and there seems to be an large amount of treachery cards to cause your character to lose questing numbers. If all of this isn’t bad enough you must be very careful when finishing up quest card B. Once you finish B Caradhras become the active location. Caradhras takes a point off of all people who are questing. Any characters who have a 0 in play while questing are discarded from play.

I had several people questing that had a 1 as their questing amount – turned the card over and lost 4 people in one turn. The Snowdrift took out an entire group!

This adventure is actually easier as a solo play than with two people. As a solo player you can often play or bring a character that can look at the top card of the encounter deck and prepare yourself for what is coming. With two card being pulled and some of those cards bring more – (any one want this snow warg?)I found it hard to make decks that could quest – keep threat low – and kill the enemy.

However, I found the theme to be wonderful and when I finally succeeded I felt like I had truly achieved something. Just don’t go snowblind – your never see the troll ahead.


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