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90 out of 99 gamers thought this was helpful

I started playing this game recently and behind a sleek look and a theme rather funny. Tokaido hides a great game mechanic with simplicity in the rules.

The theme is a journey from Kyoto to Edo as a tourist, you relax in hot spring, meeting with travelers and eat local specialty. Don’t forget to buy souvenir.

The appearance of the game is beautiful, cards and board are colored with great art. I think the points pawns are really small but overall the art is beautiful even the box is well executed.

The mechanics of the game is simple but so well executed. There is no dice, the last player is always the one who play and can play several rounds . The move choice are very strategic because they directly impact other players. Understand their needs and intentions are important to understand the game. Because sometime it’s a good thing to let them play more turn if you need something or maybe they are the one who need it.
There a lot of way to win the game , Each game are different. The game can be played with two players but I really prefers 4 or more players.

• The artwork is really nice
• Easy to learn not so hard to master
• Fast game can be play in less than 1 hour

Cons :
• It’s sometime hard to keep the score for each player
• Maybe not enough strategy for Hardcode gamer

Overall, I really like this game , the fact that the last players is always the one to play give a lot of depth in the strategy. The game is easy to learn and the setup don’t take too much time. It’s hard to not have fun with this game , a great game and a good start for the year 2013..

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