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DC Comics: Deck building game is a really fun game at it’s core. The game isn’t the most challenging or overally challenging, but the game is quick. The game can end really quickly or take a long time depending on the group your playing with.

The box is a little bigger then I expected it to be but not excessively large. The built in tray is kind of a nice feature, just wasn’t thought all the way through. The hero cards get lost in the spot(i used some trading cards to lift it up makes em easier to get out). The color coded other spots is pretty convinent. The cards are nicely done and easy to read.

The game is really simple, and isn’t hard to learn. I don’t understand why they needed to make cards worth zero, I understand the weakness giving minus one victory point. The vulnerabilty just doesn’t make sense to be in the deck. The supervillian deck can be your worst enemy sometimes.

Overall the game is pretty good, but lacks a little extra nuggets. I doubt there will be an expansion for this. The game itself is pretty fun though, and has been played quit a bit recently in my group. They different modes that the book gives at the end add to the experience also.

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Takenoko is a pretty simple game all in all, but it is really a joy to play. The game can either fall right into you hands or get you really in bad postion.

The components for this game are absolutely fantastic. I thought when I first took a quick over look that it was cheap. They definitely didn’t skimp on the production value of this game. The wooden pieces for the bamboo is a nice touch. The board peices and nice and thick and fit together nicely. The panda and the farmer and nicely painted also.

Easy to learn in about five minutes. The game is really fun and is pretty quick play. The card system is pretty interesting having 3 different goals to try to accomplish. Setup is pretty simple since it takes place really during the game. The dice is really nice feature to the game also.

Overall this game is a great game to play with you normal gaming group, family, or introduce someone to board gaming. I can’t wait to get into a few more games.

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Smash Up

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Smash Up is a simple game at it’s heart. Though mastering it isn’t simple.

It’s just cards but the cards are very well done. There is a big difference between the different factions and the card designs. The bases also have different designs based off of the factions they would most closely be affiliated with.

Pretty simple just pick two factions and go at it, or randomly face all eight factions down on a table and pick at random. Then play either a action or a card then draw two cards. You play you cards on bases that are layed out to equal one more then how many are playing(so if you play two lay down 3, if 3 lay down 4, etc.). You play till 15, if you wanted wanted to make the game longer you could extended it I’m sure.

The game is fun with all the different factions right now. I haven’t got a chance to play a four player game yet. I really enjoyed the few two player games and three player games. This game will only be enhanced by any expansions.

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