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What are your favorite board games of 2012?

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 11-Jan-13 | 52 comments

With so many stellar games released last year we wanted to see what everyone’s favorites are!

In the comments below please share your top five favorite board games released in 2012.

(note: I say “board games” in the general sense… card games, miniatures games, RPGs, etc. are all welcome!)

Comments (52)

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Smash Up: Robot Faction Fan

I played several games published during 2012, but I would say my top 3 would be in order:

1. Mice and Mystics
2. Smash Up
3. King of Tokyo Power Up (I know it’s an expansion, but it’s the reason that I even purchased King of Tokyo to begin with)

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Veteran Grader

So many fantastic games released in 2012! I have to say my favorites are:
Garden Dice
Escape: The Curse of the Temple
Smash Up

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Critic - Level 1

In no particular order:

D-Day Dice
Marvel Legendary
Eaten By Zombies
Zombie State
DC Comics Deck Building Game
Sentinels of the Multiverse

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Time Well Spent - Games

I know it is kind of a new release, but my favorite is Thunderstone: Advance. Even though they left the ‘d’ off the end, its an awesome game. With much better intro rules than the old version. the symbols are clearer, and the wilderness board is great. I highly recommend it.

Also, I liked Ticket to Ride: India a huge amount. It is my most played game this year.

As for digital, I have to go with Ticket to Ride: Europe on iOS. When you include the Switzerland in-game purchase, it has become my most used app. Best of all: it’s free!

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Gamer - Level 3

For me the top three were: Noah, Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower, and Pittsburgh ’68.

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Spider Clan - Legend of the Five Rings

Fantastiqa and Smash Up are some of my favorite games released this year.

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I Am What I Am

No particular order

Odd ville
Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

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Baron / Baroness
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Reviewed My First Game

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Enhanced Edition)

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One that was a nice surprise for me was Ad Astra. Picture Settlers of Cataan in space. Ad Astra is a game that is much more about planning and outfoxing your opponents. Better yet, it is an entertaining game that even the new guy can win, even if he’s not sure how exactly he did it.

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My First Heart
My First Wish!
My First Favorite!
Gave My First Grade

@ Matt

I hear ya. I work a graveyard shift and it kills gaming opportunities for anytime except the weekend – and usually only the weekend night.

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Amateur Grader

For me I think Android Netrunner due to its assymetrical play and how it combines many elements:tactical, strategy and bluffing play.

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Went to Gen Con 2012
Gamer - Level 6

My favorite new game of 2012 was Smash Up. My favorite game of 2012 was anything I got to play. Working second shift is no fun 🙁 .

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Jungle Elves - Summoner Wars Beta 2.0 Tester
Summoner Wars Fan
Unicorn Clan - Legend of the Five Rings

It’s hard to say, but my favorites (in no particular order) are:

Mice and Mystics
Lords of Waterdeep
Smash Up
A Touch of Evil: The Coast
Summoner Wars IOS

Really enjoy all of those and more. It was definitely a great year for games!

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8 Beta 1.0 Tester
Mythic Kingdoms Backer 2020
Platinum Supporter
Advanced Reviewer

Hi all!

Great to be back! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I’d have to go with:

Mice & Mystics
Smash Up
Lords of Waterdeep

Also, Lord of the Rings LCG became a stronger game in 2012 and should be pretty amazing in 2013!

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No particular order

1. Fantastiqa
2. Seasons
3. Lords of Waterdeep
4. Castles of Burgundy
5. X-Wing Miniatures
6. Star Wars The Card Game
7. Netrunner
8. Mage Wars
9. King of Tokyo
10. Mice & Mystics

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The game I played most was probably Chaos on the Old World, but Android: Netrunner is THE game of 2012.

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Smash Up Fan

1. Android: Netrunner… definately rocked my world.
2. Smash up
3. Love Letter
4. Taluva reprint

and that would be it.

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I play blue
Football Fan
Advanced Reviewer

Tough call as it was a good year. Limiting to the top 5:

1) Keyflower – Awesome game in the key-series: auctions, worker placement, area control, tile placement.
2) X-Wing – My first real miniatures game, I guess. Play tested the heck out of this and still love it.
3) The Resistance: Avalon – Took our favorite hidden role game and made it better. Component quality is a little lacking though.

Two spots left and three games to choose from. I am going to put these together as one since they are both worker placement:
4) Manhattan Project / Lords of Waterdeep: LoW didn’t really bring much new to the table but it is a heck of a fun game to play. MP was more innovative with the place 1/ place as many as you want mechanic you deciding when to recall workers. However, I am still not impressed with the end game. Regardless, eagerly awaiting the expansion.
5) D-Day Dice – Another one that I play-tested and was glad to see in print finally.

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Movie Lover
Comic Book Fan

– Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures
– Eclipse
– Thunderstone Advanced (and its expansions)
– Star Trek Next Generation Deck Building (Premiere Edition and Next Phase)
– War of the Ring (2nd Edition, and its Lords of Middle-Earth expansion)

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