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Food Fight: Snack Attack - Board Game Box Shot

Food Fight: Snack Attack

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Not content to let the main dishes hog all the glory, the soldiers of the Snack Brigade have joined the Food Fight! That's right: it's a Snack Attack!

This add-on pack for Food Fight brings 40 new crispy, salty cards to the table, including two new Snack King mascots and two condiment Instants to add some spice to your game.

Requires Food Fight to play.

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“You Can't Ruin Your Appetite with These Snacks”

Food Fight is a take on the classic War card game. However, Food Fight is much more fun, engaging, and strategic. For more information about the base game check out Food Fights page here:

Expansion Additions: This 40 card expansion adds some unique and interesting fighters to the base game.

The New Troops:

~Green Beret Granola Bar-Breakfast Troop with 5 Yumminess-Ability= Any troop with 20 or Greater Power is Immediately Discarded. Not that is ability is activated very often but it does prevent your opponent from creating a monster.

~Corporal Cold Pizza-Breakfast Troop with 4 Yumminess-Ability=If there are no other breakfast troops Cold Pizza has +6. Cold Pizza can be discarded as though he were a lunch troop. Very useful in meals outside of breakfast since odds are in your favor for getting the yummy boost. Also even if you don’t serve him he can be very useful in your Corporal Taco or Mean Burrito.

~”Black Jack” Beef Jerky-Lunch Troop with 5 Yumminess-Ability=If the total yumminess of all troops at the serving equals exactly 21 you win the entire meal. With risk and careful planning (well and good math) the reward is worth it. Just as useful as Cereal as long as you can make the ability happen.

~Private Potato Chip-Lunch Troop with 4 Yumminess-Ability=Draw the top card of the battlefield deck and multiply Chips yumminess by the VP value on the battlefield card. More often than not this is very powerful since odds are a two or three shows up, oh and don’t forget to apply your multiplier after all other yummy boosts.

~Captain Canapé- Dinner Troop with 5 Yumminess-Ability=Reveal the Top Two Cards of the Deck. Keep all instants you reveal and discard the rest. For each instant revealed, Captain Canapé gets +5. Unfortunately Canapé is similar to Private Club but he does have the yummy boost.

~Colonel Popcorn-Dinner Troop with 7 Yumminess-Ability=Each Other player replaces their troop from this meal with a troop drawn from the top of the deck. Adds even more randomness to the fight and can throw a wrench into your opponents plan.

New Instants:

~Salsa Bandito-Your troop gets +1 for each different troop type in your army. The boost isn’t always the highest but with careful planning can be very beneficial.

~Cheese Whizzer-Your troop has +1 or +4 if you have no after-meal mints. About as useful as Ketchup Mechanic except for the always available bonus of +1.

New Mascots:

~Lester the Lecherous Leopard-Look at any player’s hand and add a troop from it to you serving. Very cool ability that kills two birds with one stone by adding yumminess to your army and potentially stealing a potential discard to your opponents Corporal Taco or Mean Burrito.

~Cookie Creature-Steal an after-meal mint from any player at this meal with more VP than you. Can help turn the tide and even the entire score of the game up with one card.

My Thoughts:
After purchasing Food Fight and having a blast playing it with my girlfriend we knew we were hooked. When we found out there was an expansion for $10 we absolutely had to have it. The new Snack Attack cards assimilate very nicely into the base Food Fight game. I even had a hard time figuring out what all of the expansion cards were in order to list them in this review. If you are a fan of Food Fight there really is no reason not to purchase the expansion; it adds great variety and very cool troop with unique abilities.

~Inexpensive-I feel for an expansion the price tag is a good deal
~Variety-I can’t figure out how they came up with so many abilities that were so different than the base game troops (well with the exception of Captain Canapé).
~Just makes a very fun game even better, enough said.

~While the new troops are great the two new instants don’t do much to improve the quality of instants as a whole.
~This expansion is making me anxious for more expansions which mean spending more money.

This is a must buy to add to the base game. The new troops are very fun and interesting and have much cooler abilities than ones found in the base game. Now all we need is a desserts and beverages expansions to continue to improve this very simple, easy to learn, fun game.


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