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Zombies!!! (2ed)

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For people who like zombie movies this game may be for you. The game plot is as close to a tongue-in-cheek zombie movie as possible. Basically, you want to collect as many bullets and hearts (life points) while hindering all of the other players from doing well. An important strategy is knowing when to lose a life point and when to spend bullets. This game can be as cut throat as games like Family Business or Illuminati.

The game is well produced with nice artwork and 100 plastic zombies

Gameplay (Rules Synopsis):
To begin, the map tile with the town square is placed in the center of the game table. The player figures are placed on the town square. All remaining map tiles are shuffled except the heliport tile. The heliport is placed on the bottom of the map tile stack.
Players are dealt three action cards each.
Players decide who goes first. Each player is given three bullets and three life points.

Game Turn:
1. Reveal a new map tile from the map stack. Place it on the board linking it to the other map tiles.
2. Place zombies on the new tile. For every road entry point, add 1 zombie, unless it is a special building tile. If the tile is a building, add the number of zombies inside the building as well as any life points and bullets that the tile specifies.
3. Fight a zombie if it is on the same square as your pawn.
4. Draw action cards so that you have three in your hand.
5. Roll a 6 sided die for movement points.
6. Move & fight zombies.
7. Roll a 6 sided die and move that number of zombies 1 square each.
8. Discard an action card (optional.)

Players may play action cards whenever they apply. However, they are only allowed to play one card per round.

Combat is fairly simple, roll a six sided die: 1, 2, or 3 means you lose; 4, 5, or 6 means you win. If you win add the zombie to your collection. If you lose, you either lose a life point and fight again, or use a bullet to modify the roll of the die.
Each bullet adds 1 to the die roll. (a 3 becomes a 4).

If you lose all of your life points you are dead. Your turn is over (except for moving zombies.) Half of your collected zombies are returned to the “zombie pool.” Discard any weapon cards that you have and your pawn is returned to the center of the town square. You restart with 3 life points and three bullets from there.

Winning – The first player to reach the center of the heliport tile or collect 25 zombies wins the game.

I personally love zombie genre games. My favorite being Last Night on Earth which has a better “Zombie Movie” feel. Zombies!! is a fun game that can be taught very quickly to novice gamers who always seem to have a great time playing it. Over the years we have played this game many times but since the purchase of LNOE we have not taken Zombies!! off the shelf.

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