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Game Updates (Oct 17)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 17-Oct-14 | 9 comments

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Thunderstone Advance games and expansions (AEG)

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Recently Released & Requested

Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd. | 2014

Lords of Xidit
Asmodee | 2014

Sun Tzu
Matagot | 2014

{G} Sentinels of the Multiverse – [Android & iPad]
Greater Than Games, Handelabra Games | 2014

{G} The Battle of Five Armies
Ares Games | 2014

{G} Camel Up
Pegasus Spiele, Z-Man Games | 2014

{G} Mille Bornes
Asmodee Games | 2014

{G} Dixit Origins
Asmodee Games | 2013

{G} Nations
Asmodee Games, | 2013

{G} Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar – Tribes & Prophecies
Rio Grande Games | 2013

{G} Wyatt Earp
Alea, Rio Grande Games | 2001

Upcoming Games

Asmodee | 2014 Q4 (10-23-2014)

Quartermaster General
Griggling Games Inc. | 2014 Q4

Bed Beard Games | 2014 Q4

Triton Noir | 2015 Q2

Goblin’s Breakfast
Midnight Campaign | 2015 Q2

Comments (9)

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Just a couple of additions for me, Timeline: Diversity and the new SotM game for Android. Sadly, my device can’t handle it, but I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity before too long to play it. Always glad to see more additions and more games to explore. 🙂

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I’m just shocked to realize that the old game is called “Mille Bornes” instead of how I remember it: “Milles Borne”

Funny how that happens…

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El Dorado

Wow, great list this time! I would love to see ‘Risk – The Walking Dead, Survival Edition’ added though… please? 😉

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Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
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@Jeff W & @Jim – A shelf stocking ‘Huzzah!’ 🙂 Glad to see Thunderstone filled out. 🙂

Always nice to see a handful to add to my personal BGdot sacred shelf – almost 1/30 away from the 10,000 Master Rater! 😉 (As I only rate games we own or have an extensive familiarity with or if it is purely The Boy’s and I want nothing to do with it – what he tells me to rate it :P)

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Thunderstone Fan

thanks for adding the thunderstone expansions. now i can have them all on my collection page!!

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Draco Magi fan
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I was so excited to see The Battle of Five Armies added! Thanks!

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El Dorado
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Woo! Thank you for adding Dixit: Origins. Been waiting for that one!
Love that all these new games are being added!

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“Behind the Scenes” peek at adding new games: as of right now, there is only one “year published” field for games, so we’re trying to be consistent about putting in “year of most recent English printing”. When Jim has a chance to add some additional metadata fields, I’ve asked him to include a “year originally published” field to hold things like the 1954 date for Mille Bornes.

The current Asmodee printing is, in fact, a 60th Anniversary printing of the game.

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Always love these posts, but one small correction.

Mille Bornes wasn’t released this year – it was actually created about sixty years ago. Unless you’re tracking release year by company.

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