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Timeline: American History - Board Game Box Shot

Timeline: American History

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A game about history that’s fun for the whole family, even if you don’t know your history!

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The full review of the Timeline series can be found here. This set plays identically but with a different theme, explained below.

Timeline American History Contents

So What’s Different About This Timeline?

Never one for subterfuge, the Timeline series ventures into America’s past with an edition titled American History. The focus is on events you may recall from the textbooks of your youth (depending on geography).

Heavy on Presidential elections, impeachments, wars, assassinations… this is definitely on the “mature” end of the series’ spectrum. Spanning a little over 500 years, from 1492 to 2010, American History has a pretty even distribution of events within its range. For Americans, American History will probably be a little less luck-based than other sets; for non-Americans, likely much more.

Timeline American History Cards

If history is not of interest to you, American History will not be your favorite of the Timeline titles. Where other sets have a lot of fun little what! moments (like “rubber bands couldn’t have been invented that recently!” or “how could scuba diving possibly date that far back?”), these are mostly absent in American History. Unless it completely blows your mind that George Washington predates Abraham Lincoln.

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“Too Many Mistakes”

So, as a history teacher, I was very interested in trying this game out and checking to see if it would work in my class. The game is simple to teach / learn, easy to play, and plays many students. The problem, and it is a big problem, was there were too many mistakes. Ended up making my own cards and using the mechanics of the game. This game also gets low marks for replay value. It may be a decent filler, but beyond that, not really worth it.

The new Timeline: Challenge is a much better game. By adding different game play elements, this game is now a very good family game and gamer game.


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