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Cardline: Animals - Board Game Box Shot

Cardline: Animals

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What is your guess? Does the giraffe weigh more than the walrus?

Players will challenge themselves and their friends in testing their logic and memory skills while trying to place in order either the size, weight or lifespan of the animals. With each card played the game gains in complexity and is guaranteed to teach something new to all. The winner is determined by the first player to successfully place all of their cards during a round.


  • High level of replayability.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Wonderful artwork on all of the cards.

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“Great for Elementary Age Kids”

Cardline:Animals is a fairly simple game with a lot of replayability for the price. The game consists of a deck of cards depicting various animals. Each animal has statistics for average size, weight and life span displayed on one side of the card.

Game Play:
Before playing, you must pick one of the numerical stats to use for the game. Then, each player is dealt 4 cards (number side down) and a card is placed in the center of the table. Players take turns trying to place one of their cards into the line at an appropriate point for the stat of interest. If you get it right, the card stays in the line, if not, the card is discarded and you draw a replacement card. The first person to play all their cards is the winner.

+ multiple stats increase replayabilty over the related Timeline game.
+ Fun pictures of animals
+ learning! Yay!

– cards are a little small and feel a bit flimsy.

This is a great game to play with kids that teaches some good estimation skills and teaches some interesting details about animals. It is playable by kids and adults and appeals to people who are not hardcore gamers.

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“A Great Little Game for the Family”

This game is simple to learn and great for adults and kids. It’s recommended for 7 years old and up but certainly kids 5 and up could play, perhaps even younger depending on the child. It is similar to the TImeline games and made by the same game company.

The game consists of a deck of 2 sided, colorful cards in an attractive tin. The tin is sturdy and protects the cards nicely in bag or suitcase making it easy to travel with.

Game play: There are 3 characteristics listed on the back of each animal card; Average Size, Average Weight, and Average Lifespan and the group chooses which of these characteristics to play. One card is placed at random in the center of the table with characteristics showing. Each player is dealt 4 cards and lays them with the characteristic side down in front of them. The first player chooses one of their cards and places it relative to the random card based on the size, weight or lifespan as previously chosen. Say the random card is a cow and size if the factor in question, a tiny shrew would go to the left of the cow and a blue whale would go to the right. The next player must then do the same but now has to place their card in the right spot relative to BOTH of the cards revealed and each player in turn has a trickier and trickier time because they have to find the exact spot or else their card is discarded and they must draw another for their Hand.

Winning: The winner is the player who runs out of cards first.

Replay Value: Because of the 3 characteristics, this game is very re-playable. You can use each in turn, certainly, but one game will not generally mean a run through the entire deck so there will be many animals you won’t have seen yet. We’ve played it repeatedly and you do start to recall certain statistics but it hasn’t taken the fun out of the game yet.

We’ve played this several times with people of many ages and it is relatively quick, about 20-30 minutes depending, easy to learn, and good for non-gamer sorts of folks. We sent this one along when our youngest stayed with his grandmother for a couple of days and she was able to play it and enjoy the experience. She is only interested in classic kinds of games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, none of which interest our kid, so we were very glad to find something they could both have fun playing.


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