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Goblin’s Breakfast - Board Game Box Shot

Goblin’s Breakfast

| Published: 2016
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In this card game, players take the role of Goblins at the breakfast table, scrambling to eat as much food as they can, while simultaneously keeping food from others. Players choose actions, selecting which food and makeshift weapons they are going to snatch in a small arms race of theft and chaos. Eat the most, so that you can be the biggest goblin!

The game plays 2 to 6 players, and can play more with multiple decks. It only takes about 5 minutes to learn, and only about 15 minutes for a single game.

Goblin'a Breakfast cards
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Gave My First Grade
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“A fun lighthearted, take that card game.”

Intro: Goblins breakfast is a competitive card game for 2 – 6 players (more with expansions) which is about as you may have guessed by the title, Goblins eating breakfast. It has some elements of set collection, light strategy and a healthy does of “take that” in it.

Gameplay: Players start with no cards in hand and a “table” of 5 cards laid out on the board. There are 3 types of cards: food, weapons, and specials. Starting with the youngest player each player takes turns taking an action which can be one of 4 things:grab(take a card from the center of the table), eat(eat a card that you have in your hand), attack(attack a player as long as you have a bigger weapon) and special actions.

Players fight over the food, snatching it from the center of the table or each other, eating it, throwing it at each other, punching each other to get food back, etc. If there is ever a point where no food is in play, the Matron resets the table, wiping out all cards in play (including your hand) and laying out 5 new cards.

Play proceeds until the deck runs out, at that time the goblins can eat any cards they have in hand at the time. Whomever has the most points wins.

Final thoughts:I really enjoy this game. Super simple to pick up, other than the basic rules described above anything you need to know is printed on the cards. It is light and fast but there is a level of strategy as to when you eat your food, when you steal, how to create combos with the cards that allow you to take extra actions, etc. Yes there is an element of “take that” in the game which some people don’t like but the theme helps with that (goblins are supposed to be nasty right?) and the pace of the game takes the sting out of that as well. Lots of laughs when we play this one.


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