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| Published: 2016
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WW2 Commandos Cooperative Board Game
Select a mission or quickly create your won by combining objective cards. Set up your team from famous allied corps: U.S. Raiders, British SAS., Devil's Brigade, SOE, etc. Use emblematic allied weapons and turn enemy weapaons against them!

Hide in the darkeness, wear enemy uniforms and sneak up on your targets. Spotted? Get back to cover and shut the alarm off! The enemy has much more troops than you, so leave the area quickly after your mission is completed.

Two of the unique feature highlights of the game are:
Stealth system allowing commandos to hide using the field (dark corners, room filled with items, etc). As long as you remain stealthy, you can't be targeted. Enemy IA reacts accordingly.


Each mission is based on an objective (sabotage planes, steal documents, cature a German general, etc.). Each objective is represented on an Objective card containing the plan to build the small corresponding level. You can use one of the missions provided in the missions book or create yours in 2 minutes by simply assembling objective cards. 1 card is about 30 minutes play time, the more you have, the longer the game will be!

There are many other cool features in the game (use enemy uniforms, use enemy weapons, silent weapons and close combat, alarms, stairs allowing to join any other stairs even in another level...) and a real effort on the visual quality.

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