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I’ve just started teaching games to my wife, and this is one she didn’t initially like 1 year ago, she’d never played any games growing up, and didn’t understand the basic suites/mechanics of card games. Over the christmas break this year we played some 5 crowns and she enjoyed that game a lot.

I then brought lost cities back out and after 1-2 rounds was easily able to pick it up. For those with basic understanding of card games(standard decks) this one should be very easy to pick up.

My wife now beats me a good number of times and this is the first game I feel really challenged by her play. She’s excellent at this game.

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this was the first coop game I played, which was over 3 years ago now. I received this and small world one christmas. This game which isn’t easy can suffer from the leader domination, but if you stay out of the way of all players and let them make decisions it’s a great game.

I’d highly recommend picking up on the brink expansion to extend the game some. I’ve been needing to get the expansion and because I haven’t other games have passed this one. Still its one of for the ages, and is a great game to start out with for coops.

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Rise of Augustus

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I was able to break this game out for Christmas with my family. It played wonderfully with my family who aren’t big gamers, but they enjoy to play games from time to time. It didn’t take too long to teach and it was always a great time. We played with 2,4 and 5 players. Never played with 6. This game played differently each time and has a surprisingly deep level of replay-ability. I do think the game is due to have an expansion due to the nature of some of the cards. Its a very fun light weight game that can be enjoyed game heavy gamers and your family. It’s a must have for any family.

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I really don’t know where to begin with this one. The game plays differently each game, has so much variety and is a joy to play. Sometimes people will have confusion as to what mepples can be used for, but It’s fairly straight forward, I’d just love to be able to get my hands on other key series games. I’ve yet to try the expansion, though I own, it but the farmers expansion seems to increase the replay value by expanding the number of tiles even more so. Great game. Not too complex, but skirts the boundary of family games. Some of my family members struggle with the depth of the game.

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This was the first worker placement game I’ve been able to get my wife to play, it’s just simple enough and is acting as a good teaching/gateway game for her to understand the worker placement mechanic. I’d highly recommend this game for married couples. My wife tends to enjoy abstract games with simple rules(lost cities being one of them.)

I really enjoy playing this with my wife, who has not played many board games. I’ve used this game to teach her quite a few new things, and she’s really enjoyed this one. I’ve also taught this to other friends who’ve greatly enjoyed it.

I do think getting a least one expansion would help it’s replay value by adding additional buildings.

This is a quick game, which almost always finishes in under 40 minutes. This has been my favorite 2 player game to play lately.

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