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“Breeding horses and cows for fun and profit”

Try to get a breeding pair of animals as quickly as possible and you will then be getting more livestock turning up every turn without taking up an action. Horses and cows are generally the hardest to build up a decent stock of (and are most rewarding in terms of bonus points if you do manage it), so getting these early is probably best.

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“Remember: One Point Per Animal”

Don’t forget in the scoring that you still get 1 point per animal at the end of the game. For the first few games, my wife and I kept getting confused with the bonus scoring, which is similar to “regular Agricola” rules, and we thought that our only points were coming from the bonus scoring on the side of the box. Sometimes, it’s better to just take a whole bunch of sheep if you can, instead of trying to get enough animals of the other types.

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“pick up some of the expansions”

pick up some of the expansions for this game to extend the replay value. The expansions add a lot of new buildings that add a lot more depth/possibilities to the game.

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“Half a point could be the difference”

Keep in mind the use of the Storage Building. It won’t let you keep any animals but it does let you count any leftover building material at the end of the game for points. Each building material left in your supply would be worth half a point each. That half a point could be the difference in the end.

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