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70 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful

Necromancer Island brings a whole new gameplay to Small World.
The person who choose to be the feared and legendary necromancer will find that everyone else talks about him and keeps a close eye on every move he takes because the necromancer can end the game and be crowned winner before the time is up.
The necromancer has not the same goal as the other player. His one goal and pleasure is to raise his fourteen ghosts to Small World. As soon as he gets all his ghosts in play he wins. He needs four souls (killed race tokens) to raise a ghost from his Well of Souls or can buy one ghost at the price of gold wich equal the necromancer’s aktive ghosts and special powers plus one. So lets say he has three ghost and an one special power on the board then it will cost him five gold to buy one new ghost. And speaking of special powers the necromancer will in the opening of the game recive six random special powers he can use througout the game. He will start with one aktive and to get the rest he has to buy them at the same price as goes for the ghost.
The Necromancer Island is a terrifying cool expansion to Small World. It gives the game a whole new vibe not only for the one playing the necromancer but also for the rest of the players. The adversaries of the necromancer will have to play together to make sure the population of ghosts is kept down to a minimum but they still have to gain more coin than the others so keep your friends close and your enemies closer because you never know when the player you just worked with to take down the necromancer’s ghosts will stab you in the back and let your scraming soul float into the necromancer’s Well of Souls.

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70 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful

Be Not Afraid is the largest of the race and power expansions to Small World, the other expansions are Grand Dames of Small World, Cursed! and the limited edition Royal Bonus. In the Small World: Be Not Afraid you will find 5 new races and 5 new special powers and a tray to store not only the tokens from this expansion but also from Grand Dames of Small World, Cursed! and Necromancer Island which is really nice and will just make your Small World life so much easier if you are out to get the expansions too! But now to the new races and powers!


Pygmies: When they lose a token in battle, they may role the die and get as many tokens back as the number on the die (6)
They dance around the bonfire in their tripe dance to please their gods to get the favour in the battle. But the gods are unpredictable and will either give you many new pygmies or leave you with nothing.

Barbarians: Have a lot of crazy looking tokens but can’t redeploy (9)
These girls will plunder and loot huge areas of Small World while they are giving their axe a manicure but they have a hard time holding strategic important places.

Leprechauns: May lay a pot of gold equal to one VP, which the can collect if they hold the region they laid it on (6)
They sit at the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold but they has to be prepare to fight for it as the tales of the gold lures other races to try and get it.

Pixies: Have a huge amount of tokens but may only leave one per area as their turn ends (11)
They look so cute but be afraid they swarm the regions of Small World as the eighth plague of ravaging grasshoppers. But a little bug spray will make them disappear.

Homunculi: Get an extra token when they’re passed over in the choosing of races (6).
Grown in an alchemist’s bottle from the ***** of a hanged man. The more battles there has been in Small World the more troops they get.


Barricade: Get 3 VP if you only own 3 or fewer regions (4)
This is Helm’s Deep.

Catapult: Place the catapult on a region of yours then conquer a region that is 1 region away at cost of 1 less token than usual (4)
Fire in the hole.

Corrupt: You get a VP from any enemy that are foolish enough to attack you for each region of yours they attack (4)
Don’t touch me or I kill you!

Imperial: Get 1 more VP per region you own above 3 (4)
View the kingdom where the sun never sets.

Mercenary: Spend 1 VP to attack a region with 2 less tokens (4)
I give him an offer he can’t refuse.

All in all Be Not Afraid is a wonderful expansion to Small World which will make the replay even more varied and the new races are both fun to play with and look at the same goes for the powers but mercenary seems a little underpowered but it will get you the place you really crave so it come by if it is together with a race who needs special regions to get extra VP. So be not afraid of getting this expansion!

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Small World

35 out of 54 gamers thought this was helpful

This review will not go into the gameplay as I see that there are so many fine people before me, that have written a great walk through. I will rather show cast the different races that Small World a populated by.

Amazons: Four more tokens to attack with (6)
The only girls in Small World but these girls yield to no man. They have four more tokens that they can attack with which will gain them a lot areas really fast but the four tokens can not defence, so they have a hard time holding there many conquered areas. But this is a sisterhood with girl power that will scar any man of Small World.
When to pick: In the opening.

Humans: Gets an extra VP for each farmland they control (5)
Agricultural land covers 33% of the real world’s land area thanks to the only non-fantasy race. So be aware of those farmers they know how to swing a scythe!
When to pick: In the end.

Wizards: Gets an extra VP for each magi region they control (5)
They look sophisticated but really they are just mana junkies!
When to pick: In the end.

Sorcerers: turn a single opposing token into another sorcerer token (5)
Look into my crystal ball! What do you see? Me! Let never a token be alone on an area if the sorcerer is in the game or you will see them get transformed into a sorcerer clone.
When to pick: In midgame.

Elves: Never loose a token in battle (6)
These three huggers spent no time in defending their lands they just pick up a flower and run away to your hand. You just simple can get rid of these guys!
When to pick: In midgame.

Dwarves: Gets an extra VP for each mine region they control even indecline (3)
They doesn’t find gold by chance they can smell it.
When to pick: In the opening. Get a couple of mines and go indecline in the first round best if you are the last player.

Halflings: Can attack any place on the map in the first round and the two first areas they conquer become immune (6).
You will never get a hobbit out of his hobbit house (unless you a Gandalf). The halflings has two hobbit houses that they place on the first two areas they conquer and they become immune to further conquer. The are know place like home.
When to pick: Midgame.

Giants: After conquering a mountain they can conquer the surrounding areas with one less token (6).
Do not let the giants get to the mountains they just start througing rocks down the surrounding areas. Those stonethrouing fools.
When to pick: In the opening.

Trolls: Places a troll cave in every conquered area which give one more in defence (5)
Never gets into the light always keep to their caves. It smells so bad that you never get the smell out of the region.
When to pick: In the opening.

Orcs: Gets an extra VP for each enemy they kill (5)
They are big and green and you don’t want to see them get angry. They will loot your corpse down to the bone.
When to pick: In the end.

Skeletons: Gets an extra token for each two enemies the kill (6)
These are some dangerous bone collectors and they fear nothing but your dog. Yippee ki-ay *************!
When to pick: In midgame.

Ghouls: Can attack indecline (5)
The will keep on eating brains until you eliminate the last one of them.
When to pick: In the opening.

Ratmen: Has the highest number of tokens (8)
Are you the person who jumps up on a chair when you see a rat? I promise you that you will jump of sheer frustration when these small guys has taken over half of small world. Drowning by numbers.
When to pick: In the opening.

Tritons: Can conquer a seacoast region with one less token (6)
They will sweep the lands of everything like a tsunami. The little mirmade is back for revengens!
When to pick: In the opening.

There are many fun races in small world which make every replay fell frech, hilarious and various. And then there is the powers that will random get placed with the races and make game even more different from play to replay. Small World – Huge opportunities.

Go to the Small World: Grand Dames page
73 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a expansions to the fun and loveable game Small World.

It comes with tree new races and two new powers.


White Ladies (2):
These girls cry their hart out every second and they are few in number but when they go indecline they make your opponent cry as the areas they have conquered gets immune to further conquered. Please cry me a river!

Priestesses (4):
No one knows how to stick together than girls and religious people and these religious girls will make you believe this and have faith in the strength of it! When they go indecline they stack all the tokens that are holding an area in one area which makes a religious tower that will make the Tower of Babel look like a hut. And the best of it, they get one money per token in the tower. Money, money, money must be funny in a rich pristesses world!

Gypsies (6):
Keep on going sisters! The Gypsies are always on the move from prejudices and suppression. But these girls keep on rolling and for each area they abandon they gets one VP.

Historian (5):
Time is money and so is knowledge. For each race indecline and race that goes indecline, the historian will get one VP.

Peace loving (4):
Are you born in the 70s or wish you were? Peace loving will get you back so don’t atack you opponent and you will get 3 VP.

All in all this is a wonderful and fun expansions to Small World the powers and races makes up for new ways of making money and conquere areas.

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